Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2023/24

I don’t think he is good enough to be a no 1 for a premier league club.

Its the difference between being able to retire with CL medals, PL medals, FA Cups, League Cups etc or retire with 150 appearances for Cardiff.

I know what I’d pick. I’d rather be sub for Liverpool winning plenty than play for someone like Bournemouth……nevermind Cardiff

It will be his decision.

End of the day I’m fine with him as number 2, if he wants to go and try and be a number 1 then we sell him if not he stays and continues to contribute. He is a fine number 2 but I’d wonder if he could ever be a top club number 1. Then again I think of what is around.

I wouldn’t want to be backup “forever”. At some point, I’d want to go and play, even if it meant dropping a level. You never know how your career can pan out. Look at someone like Martinez. On the contrary, there’s the example of Ward, who is 30 and played only 130 games. From what was said lately by Klopp and Kelleher, it was close last summer and he’ll want to go soon. Which is natural.

The difficulty for Kelleher is that playing for Liverpool is very different to playing for most teams. Here, he is playing behind world class players, and his exposure is limited.

It’s a different story going down a level and having to deal with a team sitting deep and letting your goal get peppered with shots.

Well, if it’s called regular football, that might prevail. He’s a goalkeeper, he’s not afraid of more balls coming at him. There are different kind of teams below Liverpool’s level. We’ll see what interest he attracts.

He might well have to drop down to a competitive championship side if he wants to have regular football. Nothing against him being #2 , but he needs to leave else he won’t be improving as he’s not getting regular football.

We have other keepers in the youth teams who can be given a go as the #3 assuming Adrian stays another year and serves as the #2 keeper. Even if both of them leave , it isn’t the end of the world to find an experienced keeper

Don’t want to see Adrian as the #2 anymore, that’s too big of a drop. Not good enough. Right now he’s more of a training goalkeeper, playing only if it’s a crisis situation. If Kelleher leaves this summer, I’d gladly let Adrian go as well. Bring a new experienced and not expensive goalie to be the new #2 and have the doors open for the best of the kids to have a “Kelleher path” if they impress.


Adrian isn’t the #2 though.

I was referring to the post above, as one of the possibilities.

Yeah , I’d prefer that as well but Klopp seems to like having Adrian around in training. Seemingly a good influence in the dressing room and low maintenance.

Saved our arses yesterday with a few very good saves, good stuff.


I agreed.

Third goal killed it but he made two big saves before it.

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Wonder if having those additional games may help to be fair.

Kui-veen!!! Is that how his name is pronounced?

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He looks slightly pained every time he said it, so I do wonder.

Big spell coming up for big Caoimhin. Ali out till after the international break. Here are our fixtures up until then

  • 25 Feb - Chelsea (N) EFL Cup Final
  • 28 Feb - Southampton (H) FA Cup
  • 2 March - Notts Forest (A) PL
  • 7 March - Sparta (A) UEL
  • 10 March - Man City (H) PL
  • 14 March - Sparta (H) UEL
  • 17 March - Everton (A) PL (or FA Cup tie if we get past saints)

Following the international break, we will be facing Brighton on 31 March.

Everton is replaced with a FA Cup tie if we beat Soton.