Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2023/24

First Name: Caoimhin
Surname: Kelleher
Squad Number: 62
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 23.11.1998.
Town of Birth: Cork
Country of Birth: Republic of Ireland
Nationality: Irish

The Perennial Understudy. 21 games, 1920 mins.

Though it was later judged offside, that was great reflex save. Had a solid game too. :clap:


I didn’t spot this little detail yesterday - can only do his confidence good that, and hopefully keep him content. Pep was very glowing about him in the pre-match presser too - pretty sure he called him world class.

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Saw it, not sure if it was even planned or just given to him for the final 10 minutes (out of the players who are not too young or new). Looking back on the players who remained on the pitch, my choice would’ve been Jota.

Longest serving player.

Also dropped from the Ireland squad, that’s probably why.

Think @Sweeting mentioned it last season, but some of his recently conceded goals went basically “through” him.

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He seems to concede an awful lot through his legs.

2019/20: Four games
2020/21: Five games
2021/22: Eight games
2022/23: Four games
2023/24: Eight games

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Ifti ‘Reserve Goalkeeper Statto’ Khar :+1:

Alisson did not come to us and become world class by sitting on the benches of some club and hoping to play the odd game. If Kelleher wants to reach any where near the level of a top league keeper, nevermind the level of Alisson, he has to leave Liverpool. He is a great backup but if we are to be fair to him, he is only going to get worse playing 5 games a year and that’s not good for a keeper reaching the prime age of a top league keeper

Alisson is going to be tops for at least the contract length, another 3-4 years. Kelleher should really leave this summer.

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Or maybe he’s quite happy just playing the odd game here and winning medals, rather than starting every match at a smaller club and winning fuck all?


Possible. I am not him so would not know his mindset. At 25, I suppose he will look for more than just a great club to hang around. If I am Adrian age and ability, then I would not mind hanging around for a great club that pays decent wages and has a great culture but at 25? Not sure he is that kind but well, possible as always.

There is never a guarantee he would be No.1 choice at any other club…

Arsenal maybe?

Definitely. But here in Liverpool, he is getting nowhere near even an ounce of a chance in the next 4 years unless Alisson gets a serious injury which we definitely not want. At an European club at a lesser league or even lower PL clubs, he is as good as many out there with a chance.

He will leave. He’s learned, improved, got a few chances, won a few trophies. But it’s time to go and start playing. He’s a 25-year old with 40 senior games, club and country. We might not really get the fee we once hoped we would and he might not attract a certain level of club anymore, but it will happen relatively soon. Next summer, he’ll have 2 years left on his deal and on paper, it’s the “ideal” time to do it, if circumstances are right. I believe he would’ve possibly left last summer, if we didn’t have EL football and that group stage was always going to be a chance for more games this season.

But he gets to play in the cups, and this year in Europe, and he has the chance to play for one of the top clubs in the world. He is very unlikely to be replaced in the next season or two.
Maybe that’s more attractive than playing for a team who are threatened with relegation, whose manager may change every year, where there is insecurity around every corner.

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