Chelsea vs Liverpool: League Cup Final, Wembley, February 25, Sunday, 15:00

Kangaroo Cup, League Cup, EFL Cup, Carabao Cup; whatever you call it, it’s a trophy. It will be our fourteenth final and we will attempt to win it for the tenth time. Already, we have won it more than anyone else. Chelsea should be feeling buoyant not just for the three-game unbeaten run they have strung together prior to this game, but they also had a whole week to rest and prepare.


I’ve just had a look and if I want to watch this on DAZN it’s 45€ for a month’s subscription. I’m not even sure if I will be back from Bremen in time for the kick-off. Off to fuck with you with that one DAZN.

I think I’ll check in for the dodgy links here.


We’ll hear from Klopp if anyone has a chance to be involved, like Salah and Nunez.

In the last few games, didn’t like how we started. Not a fan right now of who plays where in those #8 spots and who does what. Mac got a goal and a few assists, but generally we need more control. We had only 57% possession last night at HT against Luton at home, having conceded an early goal. Tells you everything. We need to get our only current midfielder for control more on the ball, not hide him in some sort of “Odegaard” role, he’s too far from the action. Rather have Gravenberch go and support the attack more, out of the two.

Anyway, if Gravenberch remains at LCM, Chelsea will probably love the idea of Palmer operating in that right half space around and behind him.

This game is suddenly more competitive on paper, compared to when we both qualified for the final. We remain favourites, but Chelsea are able to take it to deep waters and potentially nick it.

Let’s get our 51st trophy!


Assume the only ones who have a chance are Salah and Nunez.

Hopefully one if not both can make the bench.

I assume it’s too early for Dom even if he was to show up at training on Friday but we will see. Trent was confirmed to be after and I doubt Jones will be fit.

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Bare bones squad going in to this is less than ideal, especially given Chelsea are finding their feet at the moment and looking relatively good.

At least our back line is settled and in form (Bradley, Ibou, Virj, and Robbo). Just hoping that Endo and Macca came through unscathed yesterday, and that Nunez/Salah were more precaution yesterday and will be fine to play some part.

Glad we are done with PL footy for a couple of weeks, giving the chance for some players to return.

A win would be massive, but I’m not sure a loss will be as damaging to our season given our injury issues.

They beat Palace late on who have been awful and drew away to Man City (a good result) but I’m not quite buying the picking up form.

We are bare bones and that makes them favourites but I’m a bit suspect of talking up a turnaround after two games


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Sadly the fact neither Nunez or Salah being on the bench last night means to tell me neither will be ready to start the final, hopefully this will turn out to be untrue and we can see both start as that could well be the difference between winning and losing.

Kelleher Bradley Konate Virgil Robbo Endo Mac Grav Harvey Gakpo Diaz

Less than ideal but hopefully we can have some options off the bench to call upon.

One or both of Salah and Nunez will be fit.
Off the bench last night as Klopp may have thought it best to resist the temptation of playing them…
Szoboszlai and Trent are probably both out, and Curtis is longer term than those two.

Its dreadful that we are in a final o Sunday and we are consumed by injury updates.
All very natural though


I think my favourite part about this whole period of injuries, is that Jürgen has quite clearly learned from 2020-21, and just thrown in kids from the start. And the kids are stepping up and repaying his faith too.

I feel like at this rate we could start Clark and McConnell on Sunday and they’d flatten Chelsea. Not so much because I think there’s good reason for it to be so, but the mood, the momentum that the kids have going is great.

That said, it also speaks to Jürgen’s management that he hasn’t pushed them beyond what they’re capable of.


True fucking bill. These kids would run through a brick wall for Klopp, and he’s giving them the opportunity to do so.

Obviously it won’t always work out, but you can’t question the commitment of these lads.


The move to Kirkby has really proven it’s worth.


Couldn’t agree more with this. I absolutely love to watch these kids being able to express themselves, and repay Kloppo’s faith in them. It will also be a great lift for the established players, who discover what the kids are capable of, and have to think ‘hey, he’s not bad’.

That is bound to have a positive effect on the squad. Everyone will be ready to run through brickwalls, not only the youngsters.


Anyway, smash them, they’re shit, etc…


Does this go straight to penalties if it ends in draw?

Short answer, no.






I reckon Mo and Darwin could be back???

Not sure who is injured and who isn’t these days.

Harvey deserves a start but think if we have him in midfield instead of Gravenberch I think we lose a lot of speed and height in the midfield.

Robbo probably gets the start over Joey G. Potentially move Joe over to right back but reckon Bradley plays better inverted like Trent does than Joe and his recent performances also give him the nod.

Quansah unlucky to get the drop for the big game but Ibou just has that added experience.

Front line picks itself pending Darwin and Salahs fitness. Cody/Harvey to be swapped in if needs be. (Won’t be as confident if that happens to be honest).

Hopefully we show up 100% and I think we will backed by the fans as always.

They call it Anfield South for a reason…….

2-1 to the reds.

1/4 to go!!!


Definitely need good stuff from our midfield (and not only the trio, but forward players to be involved) because Chelsea have bodies there, with the likes of Caicedo, Fernandez, but then also Palmer and Gallagher between the lines. Palmer especially with freedom from that right half space, if it’s Gravenberch again at LCM (which I hope he isn’t, but Mac instead), will have a proper job on his hands.

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I refuse to get a subscription just for this too. Aren’t there sites that replay whole games soon after they finish ?

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It’s on Sky, no?