Cody GAKPO: 2023/24

First Name: Cody
Surname: Gakpo
Squad Number: 18
Position: Forward
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 07.05.1999.
Town of Birth: Eindhoven
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

Our topscorer (penalty goals excluded).

Was good to see him playing in a midfield role yesterday - his ability to take control of a fast moving ball, protect it well, and either carry it or find the pass excites me. He really mixes it up well too with his movement and play, and knows how to find the net too.

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Was a bit disappointed when he got substituted last night. He wasn’t impressive in the first two games in the midfield role, but as we have seen last season, he has really grown into the false 9 role.

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Gakpo’s got a goal.

Forget about that, his turn and midfield drive set up the third. Great game by him!

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Turned off after 2-0

Just the 13 passes completed today. Becoming a pattern, why the Firmino comparisons are wide of the mark.

Goal papered over another performance where he hides. Can understand why he started today but he doesn’t deserve to, very underwhelming.

Yeah we get it, you prefer Nunez to Gakpo.

You’re welcome to stop bringing it up after every game.

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Nah, I’m good for now.

You can get the ‘I told you so’ in when he dribbles past two players against LASK!

When the team in general was shit he was uninvolved. Once we changed at half time we stopped giving the ball away in midfield and amazingly the forwards including Cody were able to contribute and he scored within 10 mins of that change. Had he have stayed on he’d have no doubt contributed even more


Nah, it is a pattern. Today was just more of the same.

He doesn’t get involved in games, that’s his thing. Scoring a tap in from 2 yards after all the hard work was done by Jota and Salah doesn’t change anything. If he was scoring at a better rate than 1 in 4 then maybe you could look past that.

I have an agenda obviously, but the stats don’t. He either hides or doesn’t know how to get involved.

Tactically, this has been a strange season. Playing him on the wing and especially in the midfield really doesn’t help him or the team but Klopp still does it for various, usually enforced reasons.

I feel that comparisons with Firmino would have had more gravitas had he had prime Mane and Salah either side of him but we really don’t have much consistency this season. I feel we don’t have a clear starting XI, nor a fully clear tactical plan. Jones, Gakpo and Jota suffer the most from it, in my opinion.


What gravitas? The comparisons are nonsense. He doesn’t offer half of what Firmino did.

He’s more like Jermaine Defoe than Firmino. The guy is barely involved in the game. Scores a tap in at the back post every 4 games, does the odd dribble in the midfield. That’s about it.

He barely creates any chances for his teammates regardless of where he plays or who he plays with.

There is only one Bobby. It would be totally unfair to expect from Gakpo to do the same things than he did, as he’s a totally different player.

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Yeah, creativity doesn’t look like a strength of his but work rate, technical ability, strength on the ball, smart dribbling, scoring (although I’m counting the last season’s games for Liverpool) - it’s all there.

That said, he’s undoubtedly been a victim of tactical shifts this season. I think he’s a player who can make the team larger than the sum of its parts because of his versatility and intelligence but he’s not showing it, a lot of our players aren’t. We’ve had about five decent half-times this season.

As for the tap-ins, I wouldn’t use it as a part of an argument against him. We could do with more of our players scoring them, starting with our 100 million pounds duo of Nunez and Jota. I don’t remember him scoring many stat-padding goals, I think majority of them have been openers or equalisers.

I really hope Klopp can finally find his strongest XI, so that we can see what our players can really do and whether I’m expecting/thinking too much of the likes of Gakpo. If his role is off the bench, then so be it, as long as he can consistently deliver what is expected of him.


I wasn’t using it against him, just saying that’s one of the only things he does. Nunez and Jota score at a better rate than Gakpo, and create more chances for others, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at here.

He’s passive, style over substance. Less effective than he looks, the opposite of Nunez. You’ve offered up a lot of excuses for him there, he’s probably just not as good as our fanbase talked themselves into thinking. World class, one of our best players, new Firmino etc, cuckoo land stuff.