Cody GAKPO: 2023/24

I don’t think he’s as bad as you’re making out but I agree with you on Nuñez over him every time.

For me, strongest 11 is
Allison, Robertson, VVD, Konate, Trent, Sobs, Mac, Curtis Salah, Nuñez one of Diaz/Jota.

Firmino was shit. Saudi & Bolsonaro rat.

Hope he steps on a thumb tack everyday of his life.

Nice bit of skill to win the corner that led to the 3rd goal. Intelligent player and for me it’s that intelligence that means he’s in the right place at the right time so he ‘only’ scores tap-ins.


I know we have Diaz now as more or less our first choice left sided forward and Jota who is still mostly used there.

But going forward, I wouldn’t like us to abandon the idea to still see how good can Gakpo be on the left, where he mostly played in last years, especially for his club.

Of course, certainly pick the best side we can for every game, but I wouldn’t look at Gakpo as only a central option. I wouldn’t forget that a lot of his natural traits remain to ordinate off the left. Maybe in a less direct or pacy way, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be good.

Even if it means sometimes coming on from the bench. Not to mention that I think both Jota and Gakpo as players who can much easily play other positions than someone like Nunez. Nunez I see on the left only in emergency situations, not as a position where he might be equally as good or better than centrally.

Let’s not be stuck in the idea that Jota is mainly a backup left winger and Gakpo is mainly a backup striker. In some situations, we could be better off with Gakpo on the left and Jota up top. Just to give an example.

False #9, left winger, maybe even the single #10 behind a striker like Nunez or Salah in some games or periods in games… remains where Gakpo can be used.

I do think we would need to go for slightly less width on the wingers in order to get the likes of Gakpo involved more with the game. Diaz uses the width of the very well. Gakpo is more of someone who likes to cut in to the more central areas more

Nothing wrong with either approach as long as they get the goals. I think at some point of time we need to look at how we increasingly look for Salah to make the key pass , assist or the goal and mix up the play a bit more (makes us more unpredictable).

As of now , Soboszlai , Trent , Mo all operate on the Right side and that makes us slightly more predictable.

Out left is probably best for him at the moment, he doesn’t get involved enough in midfield or as a 9. Out wide that is less of an issue.

This is very, very worrying. He seems to be our best option to stand in for Nunez, so it’s going to be a massive blow if it’s an injury that rules him out for months.

That’s shit. What a shit last few hours.

& here was me thinking our luck with injuries was starting to turn a corner.

Oh and fuck off Pearce…bet he couldn’t wait to be the first to tweet that.

Guess we will wait to be honest.

It is an area at least we have solutions, hopefully we can get Nunez right for Brighton.

Wouldn’t have him near the team on Thursday, Jota can play that and I assume he will be then ok for the Derby.

If not we may have to consider moving Salah more central and using our CM surplus with Dom out right or Elliot or Doak.

Klopp said he got injured when he was fouled and after the shot for goal he felt it even more.

It’s going to be a bad one, isn’t it?

Might not be let’s see, only bonus is he was fouled.

Probably won’t see him til November mind at the earliest.

International break after next week might be a good thing.

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Only concern on that is Nunez and Diaz are both going to SA which means they are late back unless Biesla and Klopp agree for him to sit it out.

Probably going have to consider Salah in the centre at least once over that short period, we do have numbers in the CM mind and Dom could play that role.

No problem.

I’m sure they won’t give us the Saturday early kickoff after international break again.

Oh wait…

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We’ll be luck if he plays again before 2024. Looks every bit an mCL tweek

Klopp sounded worried, so it’s definitely going to be a bad one. I just hope it’s not an ACL but we’ll see. Years have passed but I still have the image of Lucas getting injured at Chelsea and then continuing to play before succumbing.

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Klopp sounds positive on Cody.

Almost ready now and should be after the break.

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I see he’s been left out of the latest Netherlands squad.