Conor BRADLEY: 2023/24

It’s interesting when you think about someone like Phillips. He will no doubt be loaned out now until his contract ends he won’t have earned much more than he would have if he had gone to a West Ham or a Spurs or someone instead of going to Man City and he may have had a career.

Ronaldo only fell out with Ferguson because he wouldnt sell him to them first time around and even filed a complaint to FIFA potentially impacting any future move to them. That was the famous “I wouldnt sell them a virus”…before selling him the following season.

Stop talking about other people in this lad’s thread!

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This kid needs a rest. He looked knackered last night.

Any news on his injury?

I think this is inserting our fears (over using an inexperienced kid and having a negative response) into what we see. His initial appearances were very eye catching and that level of clear impact was never going to be sustained, but that reality happening also doesnt mean his performances have fallen and that he needs to be protected/rested. You could see last year Baj flag badly around the hour mark of games. I havent seen anything of the sort from Bradley.

In terms of appearances, he had the entire game off on thursday, played only an hour the week before against Utd after a good run of games prior to that.

Fingers crossed his ankle isnt too bad because he has continued to be a big contributor to a lot of the good stuff we’ve done over the past month when overall performances have not been great.

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I’m wondering if his fading is simply a reflection of the team itself fading, just like how Alexander-Arnold is always slammed when the team isn’t doing well as a whole.

Klopp seemed to suggest his injury wasn’t serious when he had a chat after the match.

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