Curtis JONES: 2023/24

First Name: Curtis
Surname: Jones
Squad Number: 17
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 75kg
D.O.B.: 30.01.2001.
Town of Birth: Liverpool
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Underrated. 97 games, 5273 mins, 11 goals, 11 assists.

97 games? :thinking:

His run in at the end of last season and his performances in the Euros, along with the midfield reshuffle have aligned to put a lot of expectation for Curtis this season.

If he has a bit better luck with injuries, then it certainly could be a big year for him.

Once thing I’ve never understood is why he either needs to be first choice and world class…OR…he’s not good enough and should be sold.

Even if he never becomes more than “just” a Taki/Origi squad level player, is that so bad?

For me it is because he can become so, so much more. Maybe people don’t warm to him because of his body language (which frankly seems a bit arrogant at times but I think he’s been improving even in that aspect) but football-wise, he’s a really, really talented lad with potential to be a starter one day, maybe a Wijnaldum-level player.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you, I just don’t get the people who seem to think that the only other alternative to reaching the highest level is to sell him.


Um duh it’s because they we can buy someone to take his place in the squad and that’s WAY MORE EXCITING.

Someone with dreadlocks or dyed blonde would be nice

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He’s already there.

Superb player who’ll only get better. Top lad too :slight_smile:

I don’t think he is, to be honest, because Wijnaldum was insanely consistent in the way he carried out the role that was given to him and was almost impervious to injury. That said, it took him three clubs, three different roles and working with Klopp to get there.

I think that Jones can similarly become a regular starter for us, even if our team returns to the heights of 2018-2020, I rate him that highly. He gave an interesting interview yesterday where he said that he used to think only about goals but realised that his football has much more to it. I think that particular quote shows that he’s maturing as a player (his performances in 2023 certainly suggest so).


Look at how the injuries piled on for wijnaldum after he left Liverpool.

Most footballers will be looking at a near 4 year period injury free to be able to remain at peak.

Jones was the best midfielder in the whole squad when he had a run end of the season. No reason why if he stays fit that he can become a starter this coming season. People might not agree, he might just be the new Hendo in the sense of being written off by many and then work his ass off to become a mainstay for us. I am hoping for that new working class hero again.



What a motivator our manager is. One of Jurgen Klopps best comment this one, about young Curtis Jones: ”I want him to defend like a soldier and attack like a scouser” YNWA


Even in pre season he is looking good. He has to start the season. This season could be the make or break for him I feel and as long he stays reasonably fit, I believe it’s the former.

2-3 years down the line , he’s the next vc

Thanks to Oil money (Hendo and Fab were in Klopps plans for next season) we have a very flat hierarchy in midfield now and the race for games and minutes is wide open.

We have some expensive new signings (Alexis, Dom and hopefully Lavia). An injury prone world class oldie and some promising youngsters (Bajcetic).

Looking forward to see what Curtis can do under the new circumstances.

At the club for all his life and now he is our longest serving senior midfielder. Age won’t be a factor / excuse anymore.

Expecting another expensive midfield signing in January or summer 2024 to replace Thiago (Tchouameni, Valverde…?) so the time is probably now to leave his mark.

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He is still very young but I agree he has now every equal chance to make an impact even with our 2 highly raved signings. This season he needs to stay fit and make his claim to be first choice. He has been very good honestly but has also obvious weaknesses. At this point, I will still start him with Mac and Dom for the season.