Curtis JONES: 2023/24

What are his obvious weaknesses? I don’t see any tbh.

To clarify, I don’t mean he has inherent obvious weaknesses as a player just that in the Bayern match, he was not exactly the 6 that some people expected him to be. I always thought his skillsets was very good for the left midfield which he excel in the tail end of last season and was our best CM in that period. To me, he looks like and I hope he will be our new ‘Hendo’.

Some sicknote

I forget which thread the conversation was in, but there was debate on how much Jones would fetch. Palmer going for 40+ provides an interesting benchmark for that


Good read this one.

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Welcome back, Jones :clap:

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Always good to see him on the pitch.

Didn’t even see him much yesterday, at times forgot he’s on the pitch, but he has a period of time now without any interruptions.

This season is make or break for Jones - as all of our competitions this season fit his level. He will have lots of chances and he must not squander them.

He has been too lowkey so far.

Stop It Michael Jordan GIF

& this is your first post today after the grit we’ve just shown to turn a game around & win.

Go away?

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I’ve never seen Thomas so complimentary.

Jones is no longer a mug.

As I see it so far, Dom clearly outclasses Curtis.

We paid £70m for him.

Horses for courses. Different players, responsibilities on the pitch. Anyway they’re on the same side, they’re not competing against each other.

Last night sort of proves again the steps he’s made in last years. I’m trying to imagine what his reaction to being asked to do a job in defence might have been a few years ago. Think an England call up might be around the corner if he hits regularity of being fit and consistency of form now, they don’t have big depth in midfield.

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I was a bit worried about how he will do in the unaccustomed RB position. But he did really well.

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The video is a bit annoying and it’s an over simplification for views, but some good points made here. Jones’ return coinciding with our upturn in form is no, er, coincidence.

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Nah he’s shite, only in the team because he’s Scouse. Otherwise he would have been sold long ago, plying his trade in some fifth-tier league in goodness knows where.

Tottenham and Brighton away will be true tests of where he and our whole team are at the moment. That said, I only hope he remains fit and hungry. It’s always nice to watch players from your club’s youth ranks establish themselves in your club’s senior team and especially the starting XI. He’s twice the player he was a year or two ago but I want him to go higher than that.

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