Curtis JONES: 2023/24

Any chance for it to be less than 3 games?

Not unless it gets overturned, which it is incredibly unlikely to be

Looking at the incident a few times… and having watched Curtis retrieve the ball from an opposing player lots of times, I think once his foot skidded off the top of the ball… he attempted to ‘scoop’ the ball back into his possession… no malice intended, but it looks bad when viewing that still frame

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Referees need to have context before making a decision. Intent plays a huge part.

I can even get around VVD red card but Curtis Jones getting sent off for that is a crime.

Referees seem to think of themselves as “gods” who control the fate of a bunch of people who earn a whole lot of money more than them for a period of 90 min. It’s a ego trip for them.

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It really doesnt. Sure if you just go and wack a guy you’ll likely get sent off for violent conduct, but that a vanishingly small number of the red cards that occur. In all the rest intent just isnt a factor and so pointing to lack of intent is an unhelpful misidrection


Curtis was not guilty of:
Serious foul play
Serious violent conduct…

Red card was way beyond the punishment merited.

Intent has no bearing on the decision, but the decision is still incorrect.

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Of course it does :joy:

Football is a contact sport. If somebody bumps into somebody else and they hurt themselves incidentally then it’s not a foul. At least most of the time. It happens.

There can be a perfectly legitimate tackle that results in a bad injury. Should that be a red card ? Of course not.

Jones made a perfectly legitimate tackle. His foot slipped on the ball. Due to the slip he hit the other player. It’s not foul play and is then not a foul.


So what ‘does attempt to trip/hit’ mean in the laws of the game if intent doesn’t matter?

Thought I had already posted this before today’s match.

Better late than never.

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I think it was somewhere else that it was posted?

We missed the lad tonight.

Will he be fit for the Abu Dhabi game?

He was our with a minor knock (as was Gomez).

Pre-match press conference takes place on Fri at 12pm, which is when we will find out more I guess, unless some training videos/pics are released before Fri that might give a clue.


Might get some photos on Thursday.