Darwin NUNEZ: 2022/23

I had a cut knee once and I had to have a crazy bandage on what was pretty much a 3cm wide cut as it was right in the knee.

Took about 8-10 days to be able to reduce that so makes sense he is out of the international games. I would say possible for Man City.

It’s a difficult place to heal and runs a pretty high risk of infection. I once missed about 2 weeks with an infection that sprung up during the course of a single training session and resulted in my foot swelling to the point we had to cut my boots off.

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Yup it’s a wait and see with that type only positive is it’s 2 and half weeks and it’s an injury that has no additional issues bar the healing.


You all of little faith.

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What on earth is that…

That bite probably went off target.

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The caption is his girlfriend’s - Las 2 cosas que más me gusta comer = the two things I most like to eat.

:rabbit2: :rabbit2:

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Just to make sure that the emoji confused understand that those are rabbits.

Half-expected him to fall over the ball, eat the grass and end up in Japan when he was running towards the goal.

Again, there are players who get you on the edge of your seat when you see them coming down on goal - Nunez is completely the opposite. I literally always expect him to miss. Not sure what’s the issue there since he was scoring for fun at Benfica - maybe he just needs to have a proper bedding in period and not feel the burden of his price tag. That said, his “Darwin Nunez missed sitters 2022/23” YouTube compilation will definitely be longer than the one of his goals.

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Poor miss but he was an improvement on Jota and Gakpo, they wouldn’t have even made that run. Should have had an assist for Konate too.

Decent showing, but I wish he wasn’t out left so much, he’s more dangerous in central positions.

Needs to be in central forward position full time.

That’s why we bought him for, at least long term. Certainly not to play on the left or be 50-50 between those two positions. Can do a job on the left for certain periods, but we need him to be a success central. It’s different when he comes off the bench and we’re chasing it. We’ll see if it can work with him central and Mo in his position while Mo is still here. When we have more games with that being the case.

I think he is going to be fine. On a few occasions I have been frustrated with Klopp for bringing him off, when he looked dangerous to me.

He has had a stop-start season in a struggling side, but I fully expect him to kick on next season.

Maybe a 4-2-3-1?

————— Núñez ——————
Diaz——-- Gakpo ——— Salah

The two will be interesting, if we do this. Links to Tchouameni make sense.

I think there’s absolutely nothing in the Tchouameni “links”. No reason at all for Real to let him go this summer after one season and he’s their only holding midfielder on paper. Who has done alright, certainly not for them to immediately rush into selling him. Can think of a number players who have a more problematic first season and situation.

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from L to R
edamame beans, salmon nigiri sushi, tuna nigiri sushi, prawn tempura

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The guys going to starve if his chopstick skills are like his finishing.

Interesting comment from Klopp on language barrier.