Darwin NUNEZ: 2023/24

First Name: Darwin
Surname: Nunez
Squad Number: 9
Position: Forward
Height: 1.87m
Weight: 81kg
D.O.B.: 24.06.1999.
Town of Birth: Artigas
Country of Birth: Uruguay
Nationality: Uruguayan

Really excited about Darwin new season.


Challenge will be earning playing time. If he is able to do that, the added quality in our midfield, and his running, will insure he he has so many chances he can’t help but score a bunch of goals.

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I hope he’s bought some scoring boots …

Looking at him in these pre-season videos, he looks transformed physically, much sharper and leaner. Less ‘Andy Carroll-esque’ so to say (yes yes, I know…) and more like Torres in his prime time. I wonder if that will have an incidence on his game. One thing is sure: he must have followed Klopp and co’s advices on diets and how to take care of his body. The change is spectacular imo.

That was the only aspect of his game that was visibly lacking last season… Ended the season with 15 goals, could & should’ve had 10 more…and had he done so, wouldn’t get so many fans writing him off as a mistake or a bad fit already.

This season he puts to bed all those doubts, all those critiques. 1 million percent.

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What went on here? Was crazy from Darwin. Somehow Mo reacted quickly and got the ball back to him.

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Perhaps it’s a classic example of a striker who is low on confidence?

Would like to see that sorted by seasons beginning anways.

One of the stats we saw from his good season at Benfica was an incredible number of shots. That was seemingly a player who grew into taking on the responsibility for being their primary scoring threat. Last season he looked to be not unconfident as he was still eager to take on shots, but maybe a bit uncertain about how to balance carrying the responsibility to score goals with the reality he had better team mates than he had at Benfica who were very capable as well. He’d shoot on low % chances and pass up higher % chances to try to set up someone else. He’ll have to figure it out, but it’s a somewhat expected part of the adaptation.

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So far Darwin Núñez has played 90 minutes in pre-season for #LFC in total.

In that time he has 3 goals and 1 assist.

He also has a 100% shot on target rate. Hitting 5/5 shots on target.


I’d say with the way the defense and GKs are performing that we’ll need that all season long!

And yet, he won’t start in the first game of the season. That must be a bit of a knock on his confidence, but the other three forwards are on fire and it’s quite logical to leave him out against Chelsea. Plenty of games to come though.

I have to say I am slightly concerned about this guy.

He has to take his chances though as he will get some.


Not had many minutes so far and given his defensive play I doubt he’ll start v Newcastle.

When do we start to worry about him?

I already have!


Why should we worry after just two games?

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Because it’s the way of the modern world: short attention spans and instant gratification; the inability to think about anything in the medium- to long-term.


It’s not two games, it’s one season and two games… I like him a lot as a player but surely one of club’s most expensive signings should have been able to grasp the principles and force his way into starting XI on merit by now?

I can’t get my Man United supporting mate out of my head, him gleefully exclaiming how his pals on RedCafe branded him “Uruguayan Carroll” when we signed him. Obviously, he’s night and day compared to Carroll in terms of talent but he’s on his way to becoming a squared peg in a round hole the way it’s been going so far. I’m basing this on Klopp’s pressing comments, which seem to have been directed mostly to Nunez.


We didn’t sign Nunez just because someone fancied him. Like every freaking players we have signed in last eight years, there was extensive scouting to evaluate his skills, attitude, and adaptability. Surely the club had him vetted by Klopp before splashing such a generous sum. In short, there can’t be any doubt regarding his usefulness.

Sometimes things just don’t fall into places. Gomez, Tsimikas, Ramsay, Curtis, and Elliott all are failing to make a considerable and consistent impact; for various reasons. Over the years, most of our recruits slotted in rather seamlessly, but exceptions must be accepted. Let’s not forget the fact that we almost sold Henderson after one season and Firmino, Fabinho and Robertson took their sweet time to settle in. Do we regret that.

Whenever Nunez is frustrating you, just replace one fact with another. Yes, we did pay €80m for him; but he has scored 15 goals too. If there’s a reason for being dismayed, there’s reason for being hopeful too.

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