Darwin NUNEZ: 2023/24

Nunez also boils the piss of rival fans, it’s why I like his goals apart from winning games.


14 goals and 11 assists in 38 games (one goal contribution/87 mins) isn’t bad. Yes, he can do better, but that’s beside the point.


It’s actually very good. You might well be looking at him ending up scoring 20 goals this season which if combined with his assists would make it a very good season for normal mortals.

But this is Darwin and we know he can do much much better than that.


Poor Spartans. They prepared based on the highlights of his misses and he answered with two rasping finishes of two chances. ‘We have been deceived’ I heard them mumble.

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Jürgen’s a fan:


15 goals last season, 16 goals this season. Good stuff. He was stuck on 9 goals for a while at one point this season and I wondered if he would improve on his last season tally. Now might end this one on 20+. Which is the stuff we need as we go into weeks and months of possibly deciding together with Salah what to do.


Cutting in from the left, making a yard of space for himself and a curling shot into the far corner. Seems like it’s going to be Darwin trademark goal. Didn’t he score similarly before?

If you watch it again, you’ll see that the ball doesn’t go into the corner, in fact it goes in quite centrally. The goalie dives towards the corner, but the ball actually goes over him as he dives. Nunez put a huge amount of swerve on the ball and totally confused the keeper.
It’s an absolute peach of a goal.


Learn the rules of the game.

In a minute, he managed to get dispossessed on the counter attack with absolute ease and then played that suicidal inside pass in our half. I know fatigue was evident with a few individuals yesterday (and United ending up with a radically offensive team on the pitch), but that’s just something you don’t do, especially the latter.

Out of Uruguay squad apparently. Hope it’s just a precaution.


Well Klopp said he had a hamstring injury that he hoped wasn’t too bad I doubt with that he would be risked.

Unfair as the Håland and Darwin comparisons were, it’s awfully satisfying to see “the experts” realise that Erling isn’t really good at football, and Darwin is.


After all his bad luck this season, he deserves that goal so much



man city magic GIF by Manchester City

It’s the coach. Pep doesn’t know how to make his CFs improve. Both in Bayern and in City , he had two CFs who were already at the peak of their powers in Lewandowski and Aguero , he didn’t particularly need to improve them.

Klopp made Lewandowski into the footballer he is, Pep inherited him. Same goes for Barca as well , Pep didn’t build a CF from the ground up , he bought people who were the finished articles and misused them too.


Think the tone of this tweet is a bit off but didn’t know this. Didn’t realise he hadn’t scored against the so called bigger teams this season - although that Newcastle brace was legendry.

I think Nunez will always be that type of player - great one week and have you pulling out your hair the next.

Without his goals at Forest and Newcastle we’d be out the title race.

Fuck off Laurie you simpleton.


Yet assists against Villa, United, Chelsea. Newcastle, Sheffield, Brentford, Everton, Brighton.

22’ and 32’ against Arsenal (clearly a formation choice by Klopp), 24’ against Chelsea and on the bench against Spurs. Hard to deliver stats if you are on the bench, and that comes down to the manager’s choices.


The tone from Laurie is always off, he is a clickbait merchant looking for any excuse to be negative about the club.

For what it’s worth Darwin scored against Utd, Newcastle and Arsenal last season.

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And City in his debut, albeit in the CS.