Darwin NUNEZ: 2023/24

If we are complaining about him being erratic and difficult to handle. Imagine what the opposition think. If Diaz and Salah were scoring at will then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.


I used to watch Kyle Larin for Orlando city. He was levels above the players he was playing with and against but just fucking missed everything. Darwin has done well to beat him :joy:


He actually missed the moment. He always misses… :rofl:



Do these sad fucks just sit there analysing this?


I would back him to get a bounce with the new manager.

Slot would have some of his ideas that he would like to implement.

The Athletic wrote about how Slot helped his new striker, Gimenez, settle after coming in and how he turned him into a prolific goalscorer. I don’t anything about him or his style but that should bode well for Nunez. It’s not like he’s a guy who stands around and waits for someone to thread him a pass, he’s much more than that. I hope that Slot can polish the edges in his game with some new ideas, different approach, maybe even some different teammates around him.


If he could get him to stay onside and put the thing on target that would increase his numbers.

Let’s face it, it’s not like he is standing around doing nothing.


I don’t see him, is he offsides?


When Santi first arrived, he was cumbersome and clumsy (though he still looked a natural goalscorer). To the ire of many in Mexico, where he was hyped to the alto cielo, he was restricted to substitute appearances in the first half of that season, then he was steadily integrated into the first team, not dissimilar to Klopp’s patience in integrating new signings.

Anyway, whatever Slot and co. were telling Santi in those first months certainly paid off and he looked a different player, seemed to move more gracefully, a lot more composed in his build up, and his goal tally exploded.

Darwin is less of a one note player than Santi (not to shit on Santi, he plays that one note really well), but it is encouraging the way Slot polished him up, worked on his weaknesses, taught him how to use his frame more intelligently, etc.


this is what I find exciting about Slot. He appears to be a genuine coach. Lots of stories floating about on how he works with players to make them better, and likes training them to play in new positions.

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Previous reporting in the Athletic explained this gradual introduction as being on advice of the medical team who needed to work on some physical issues before letting him loose. The story was told as an example of Slot being a team player willing to take input from other departments even if it was detrimental to his short term interests.

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Nunez admits that negative social media comments affected his form.

I’m sympathetic to him, but he needs to mature if he wants to succeed. The fact is, the moment you sign on for a massive club, all of your faults are going to be exposed and all of your shortcomings are going to be scrutinized on a global scale. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a top club in England or elsewhere, either. Imagine the stick he’d get in Spain or Italy.

He needs to learn to shut out the noise and be the best player he can be. If he can’t figure that out, he’ll never reach his potential.

I hope Slot can bring it out of him. It’s clear that he didn’t vibe with Klopp, for whatever reason. He’s got loads of potential - Darwin has the physical gifts to be the best attacker in world football.


I think it would be a good policy for all players to only have PA managed public social media accounts.


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