Diogo JOTA: 2023/24

First Name: Diogo
Surname: José Teixeira da Silva
Squad Number: 20
Position: Forward
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 73kg
D.O.B.: 04.12.1996.
Town of Birth: Massarelos
Country of Birth: Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese

113 games, 6728 mins, 41 goals, 17 assists.

Ifti ‘Statto’ Khar

It’s a great ratio of goals+assists per 90 minutes but it’s also a rather bad injury record. Hopefully he improves in that area, he’s basically missed one whole season in the three he’s been here.



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Anyone else think we should start Jots in the derby? Think he’s being a tad under used considering his output

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I think it’s a given he will start the derby all things considering.

It’s who else we play, I suppose if Gakpo is ready that allows us to give Diaz and Nunez enough minutes to do something but not risk injury after their flights.

The more I see him play after the injuries he’s had, the more I consider him a super-sub. I get the feeling that he can go missing for large chunks of matches when he’s starting, though it’s obviously quite subjective. I’m glad that he’s our player, though, Transfermarkt say that he has 45 goals and 17 assists for us in all competitions in 122 appearances (80 full games’ worth of minutes, though), which is a pretty good record in my book.

Did he have a one-match ban?

I agree with @Nikola . Jota looked so jaded whenever he played this season. But he has four goals, so he is a great option from the bench.

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Yeah one match ban.

I think if he is on the bench today we probably win, it’s what I’ve been saying for a while now if you have the option to change up top you’ll have a continued goal threat.

I think we were quite wasteful today.

130 games, 7655 mins, 49 goals, 17 assists. That’s one goal contribution in every 116 mins. Not bad. But it also makes you wonder what it could have been.

Very good numbers. Diaz could do with a bit more of that. Jota sometimes goes slightly under the radar. A bit like his transfer in the first place. Then the sudden excitement, then either an injury or other players getting more love (love his song though!). Not always the most clean technically or consistent. But a very intelligent and handy player. Finds a way. Not to forget that he’s still probably the best presser of our forwards, with the likes of Mane and Bobby gone.

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Scored 9 in 18 games this season and in 934 mins. A goal every 100 mins considering some of that is subs it shows how important he is.

Also linking up with Diaz as he did, always thought they linked up well.

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Right footers, left footers, headers, tight angles, tap ins… more assured finisher than Nunez.


The guys heading ability is impressive you have to remember he has missed his fair numbers of sitters but I’ve always defended him when he does because he is generally clinical even when he’s drifted in games.

His smile is infectious.

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Watching his 50 goals he scores a fair amount against Arsenal shame he didn’t come back a game earlier.


Good thing we’ve got them again next week then, he can start by putting us through into the 4th round :slight_smile:

The biggest shame is that he spent virtually one whole season injured since he arrived from Wolves. I imagine his goal tally would have been around 70 goals, even taking into consideration that rather unfortunate spell when he went a whole calendar year without a goal (though it contained his longest injury lay-offs).