“Extreme load” message

It’s only a pre-season friendly. How is the board going to handle our celebrations after we complete the quadruple in Dublin?


Hurry up people, we need suggestions on how to get rid of extreme loads.

Look I won’t lie, the thread title got me slightly aroused.

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where’s the extreme load money, John?


I haven’t felt this ripped off since @Magnus’ role playing thread…

Extreme load, you say?

Premier League Football GIF by KICK

Extreme Load sounds like a series title I see on Pornhub


I’m off to the pub, 8 in the morning nothing else open, :cry:

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Ohhh damn you @gasband… curiosity is going to get the better of me on this one!

Time to ship a load of ale,it is that time of the year for bollocks threads.

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It’s not a “bollocks thread”. The board was creaking during a meaningless pre-season friendly, so how will it cope when it gets really busy?

My opening post was to bring this to the mods’ attention.

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Old People GIF


Absolutely should not happen.

In the old days it happened when CPU become overwhelmed.

What I found at the time 1 regular CPU handled 35 people before the message. 2 regular CPU’s handled 70 or so. So I upgraded to next tier of 4 premium CPUs (absolute overkill)

I have noticed to site is not quite as snappy as before the last upgrade. Going to investigate if it’s software issue. Or a digital ocean issue (who provide the server)

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Not to question your technical expertise here and I have little idea of how the back end of this place works (not my thing) I’m shocked that a modern CPU can’t handle hundreds of users. I have a dual core i5 handling 200 users at work no problem. Handles files, distros, printing, AV, GP etc.

The challenge is the discourse software.

We basically run a Ubuntu Server. With Discourse forum over the top. The creator of discourse explained it too me like this

Good news is I have just rebuilt the site, and I think I have fixed an issue which was draining resources. The site seems a little faster so fingers crossed we should no longer get the error.

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I think few others have mentioned it already; when I click on a thread, it takes me beyond the unread posts.

Seeing it today.

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I never get an ‘extreme load’ message; am I doing it wrong?

My wife deserves to know :wink:

Go ask your GP for some little blue pills.