Fabinho (DM) to Al-Ittihad


Jesus! Whatever next?

You spelled his name wrong in the excitement :wink:

Cant see us losing Fab and Hendo in same summer


Couldn’t see any of it a couple of days ago.
This time next week we’ll be left with a couple of 17 year olds.


Thanks, @Bekloppt! :joy:

I wrote once that as long as a player is a client of Mendes, he’ll never be short of options. I’d take this in a heartbeat, to be honest. Yes, we are facing entering a season with a rejuvenated but also a very young team but I’d take youthful zeal and inexperience over experience without energy.

Our midfield looked very lethargic last season and Fabinho was one of the main reasons. I don’t know what happens now but I think we should take this offer and bring in a replacement immediately. That said, I hope that a replacement is of a much higher level - you look at Rodri, Rice or Casemiro and you see just how far behind our side is lagging in a crucial role.


Ok, but it means finding a high quality replacement in the next week or so. Is Lavia really ready to step up?


Lavia and Tchouameni in please :eyes:


Make that 50m and we’ve got a deal.

If they didn’t have a list already drawn up, I’d be very, very disappointed by people in charge of transfers. I mean, experts are saying that Lavia isn’t ready but has huge potential - ideally, I’d like to have someone who is closer to what Rodri was when Man City bought him. Henderson and Fabinho both leaving (theoretically) could open a spot for two midfielders, maybe one who’s more ready and one like Lavia.

Barella , Lavia would make for good additions.

We’ll be sorted with the midfield if Thiago stays for this season.

Not convinced that Tchouameni is realistic (see what I did there?).

Lavia (bless him) would be asked to become the main DM for Liverpool. Quite a responsibility for a 19 year old.

F*ck me, this is a lottery if it goes through.

I was wondering almost half a season if we could even find a buyer (from Europe) for Fabinho, let alone potentially getting £40m.

But we’ll see what we’re left with if this all goes through and if we have enough balance between youth and experience.


Putting aside the ethical issues, because it’s exhausting to discuss it in every single thread, selling Fabinho and Henderson for these sums is a no brainer.


No-brainer we should do it, or no-brainer we shouldn’t?

My brain hurts after all these whirlwind transfer rumours!

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Should. Neither are very good at football anymore.


80-100 million for Fab/Hendo/Thiago will be great. Replacement Lavia/ Sofyan Amrabat and Thuram/Veiga

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Anyone who offers us £40m for Fabinho is barmy. We’d be even barmier to refuse.


No. Just, no.

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I agree, but you never know on here. You get a lot of illogical statements, and not only from me.

Looks like only this is the only club in Saudi which pays a transfer fee. May be if Hendo wants to leave,we should negotiate say a 70 million pound deal for both.