Fabio CARVALHO: 2022/23

Klopp on Fabio Carvalho:
“I think there’s a possibility that Carvalho will go on loan. No player has impressed me more than Fabio. A very talented boy, but it didn’t work this season.”

But you still didn’t play him. :thinking:

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To me that sounds like he’s putting the ball in Carvalho’s court, like its his decision what he wants to do next season. The ‘impressed’ comment appears to be more about his reaction to training but never playing.

I wonder if there might have been a falling out there, or at least some crossed words.

I’m a very big fan of Carvalho, called him the best teenager in the country when we signed him and I stand by it. He’s a phenomenal talent. Maybe he could go back to Fulham for another season, especially after they had such a great year but the likes of Willian aren’t going to keep their places forever.

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Yeah but no but is it in a good way.

It would be sad to see him leave. With Firmino leaving, coupled with Europa League and the domestic cups, he could have got substantial mins to embed himself in the squad.

This is a burning example of why we didn’t go for the likes of Jude or Alexis (not literally) before they burst into the scene. We need more rounded players to help us achieve our goals and young players are left with scraps which aren’t enough to help their progression.

Bet at least one of the three big Portuguese clubs are after him.

Financial no-brainer.

Buy him for up to £20m now and they’ll be able to sell him back to England for at least £60m in three years time.


https://twitter.com/FabrizioRomano/status/1663216396740730880?t=RemHLEwxtTzz7DiHx7F6Mw&s=19 a champions league club in for him…

But back clause would temper it for me.

Assume it’s Porto or Benfica

Makes sense, he hasn’t shown much to suggest he’s worth keeping around in the short term. The money can be invested in somebody who will improve the squad.

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I wonder if the interested club is Dortmund…

I’d be OK with a straight swap for Jude.


No to sale unless the money is crazy AND there are very advantageous buy back and sell on fees. AKA absolutely no! Selling an English football adjusted startlet makes no sense unless we are buying lots of 100m Jude types to fill out the squad. Unless we are concerned about his attitude, send him on loan to another prem club if the concern is he isn’t going to get minutes. But I expect he will get more minutes with us next season and we’ll then be in a position to know what way we want to go with him next summer.

Would he even get a game at another premier league club? He didn’t look good enough.

There are loads of young players knocking about with similar or more ability. Even Southampton, at rock bottom, had a similar but better player in Alcaraz.

Carvalho will probably be a decent player in a few years but it’s difficult to see how we would seriously regret selling him, physically he’s miles off the pace.


He’s an odd one and I get the feeling he may well be seen as collateral damage in the rebuild of the front line and now the midfield. Always felt like a Brewster, Solanke or Elliott type deal where it’s worth the initial punt and you hope they succeed but there’s a good safety net knowing you’ll be able to flip them for a decent fee if they don’t make a strong impression.

I always thought he’d be a wide left option for us. We didn’t play with a 10 and he was too attacking and a bit lightweight to play in a midfield three for us. I reckon the idea was Nunez to play down the middle and as that’s not worked out as well he’s been playing more off the left and there’s less chances for Carvalho to play. Then Gakpo arrives and Diaz recovers from his injury and whilst Gakpo has mainly playing down the middle he’s also spent time on the left too.

Carvalho then is now quite some way down the pecking order for a wide left role and they perhaps haven’t been able to transition him to a midfield role like they’ve done with Elliott.

There’s a big job to be done this summer with the midfield and perhaps he’s seen as someone you could get a good fee for without really needing to replace him or weakening the squad. He could well be one of a couple of players we look to cash in on. Him and Kelleher could get £30m-£40m for us to reinvest this summer. That’s possibly your third centre mid signing or a new centre back. Far more use to us than a young player who’s a bit of a square peg for a round hole in our system.

My only worry would be the message it sends out to the next exciting teenager whose contract is expiring. He’d be the latest in a line of those we pick up and then flip a couple years down the line. Will that make the next prospect wonder whether we genuinely have ambitions for them to be part of Liverpool long term or just another cash cow that’ll be sold having seen their career stall for a couple years.

Given how referees have been letting challenges go of late, I don’t see how he fits in a PL team. Ability on the ball is only good if you can get on it and ride out or evade challenges that are flying in.
He’s minute of stature and neither particularly strong/stocky nor lightning quick. Don’t really see how he would work in any PL team long term. I suspect even Fulham wouldn’t have played him much.
At least Solanke is a big enough lad (worked out for him at Bournemouth eventually) and Rhian was proper rapid and was a sharp finisher before those terrible injuries.

I think he needs to bulk up to play in PL.
Shame it hasn’t worked out but if we can get £15m+ for a player who cost £5m then take it.


As long as we find good exits for them it shouldn’t have a negative impact. It’ll show that by coming to liverpool they will get a shot at the first team, but trying and failing wont hurt their career progress.

I never thought his lack of involvement after the world cup needed any sort of explanation given the way things were going, but given the way this now looks to be playing out its maybe relevant to remember that at some point in the season he announced he wouldn’t be playing for portugal again. I wonder whether he’s had some personal stuff going on that has set him back

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Totally missed this. What was that about?

No idea. The news of it was reported on before christmas, mostly from Portugal’s perspective with them responding quite indignantly about the decision and the way it was communicated. But it was superficially reported and I dont think we ever got anything from the player himself over what caused it.

He played for England youth teams up to the U18s then accepted a call up to play for the Portugal at U21s. He’d done quite well for them even getting picked in the provisional word cup squad for the senior team, and so normally you’d see this sort of decision only after he’d been offered a call up for a different country he’d prefer to play for, but there have been no call ups from England.

Talk about clickbait

Revealed? Seriously?