Former players and managers - general discussion

I was at that game…notice the applause from the Liverpool crowd for the Joe Baker goal. Now it would be greeted with various hand gestures.

I despise the bile that today’s football generates.

I still have all the programmes from the games that I attended as a child.


The play leading up to it was great too, considering we had Moreno in the team back then.

Everton - “Can you stop playing keepy uppy and give us the ball back please.”


Not to be That Guy™, but Klopp’s gestures indicate he was laughing about the series of volleys leading up to the shot.


The f*ck did I just watch.


Keith Lemon and Grinch presenting sports day at Charlie’s factory.

Someone could’ve at least be kind enough to show the kids how the course was supposed to be done.

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Sigh…he could have been such an exciting player to have watched… such a real shame he never fulfilled his potential :pensive:


Yep, a career gone to waste.

Should’ve been a generation talent, yet ended up finished by 25.


Well said and the bile in here with regards to other teams!

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Sad story is that we were the last big club that went down it’s knees and sucked the idea that something can still be done with him. And to replace Suarez, ending up between him and Eto’o.

I even think his talent is a bit overrated. Or better to say, depends in which aspects. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He’s made a successful career considering his life story. The rest, well… who cares anymore.

All of the corporal ability and little of the mentality required to be top class. Still, a likable fellow, it seems to me. My favorite Balo moment was that time at Anfield when someone had shoved him off the touchline. He looked about to retaliate and two supporters wrapped their arms around him to keep him from doing it. So classic.

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legend. for all the wrong reasons


Sami! Sami! Samiiii! :heart:

Didn’t recognise him at first with the darker hair.

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It really is surprisingly easy to fully go off someone for good… especially if they come across as having a real snide way of putting their perspective factual or factoid points across… Oh and I needed to remind myself, this is a guy who has never even sniffed at a managerial role in the high pressure footballing world.!

Do you know what SOT, I find it hard to fault anything what Didi says here…and I know Klopp and Didi have their little rift between them and that’s their issue but I think Didi’s coming from a sensible place here.

  • Game management gone? Yes
  • Brighton a low point? Absolutely
  • Number of players coming to the end of their Liverpool career? Yes, sadly true.
  • Keita and Ox not showing enough? That’s putting it lightly.
  • And yes we do need around 200-300m on new players pretty sharpish…especially in midfield.
  • Acknowledges Klopp’s job is incredibly tough…Of course, it’s LFC.
  • “Discussions about the manager may start” probably talking more about outside Liverpool here.

All points we knew and have come to accept.

I can’t see where “he picks out 6 players” but the 2nd last paragraph in particular he raises a very valid question.

Yes that was my point about him being snidey… It is the subliminal message he puts out regarding Jurgen getting sacked… why was there even a need for him to mention it at all was my take on it

Wouldn’t focus on putting too much attention on that personally, I go back to the footballing world being very fickle.

When everythings going right, who are we who is anyone to question.

When things start to turn for the worst, well ok it’s time to question this that, that this.

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Hello Dad… He will have been in the middle of that somewhere :0)