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I see this James Bond Wannabee is still practising his party trick to catch Daniel Levy’s attention :0)

He was packing a bit of timber on him in the early days before his makeover eh

No debate about the quality of the three amigos, but the start of the video is a bit unecessary and cynical.

You could easily find clips of those three missing similar chances, just look at Salah against Leicester the other week.

True. And I still remember that amazing bicycle kick from Benteke vs Mancs just as an example of what he was capable of. And Balo has plenty of impressive goals from before as well

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Speaking of King Kenny, love this interview with Bob Paisley talking about his signing:


had a few beers and wandering through youtube…

and found some stuff on Ferrnado

gotta say Nando was was a wonderful player fro us,

brings a tear to my eye he does,

his arm band said he was a red Tores…


Greedy wanker.

:musical_note: “we hope John Terry shags his wife” :musical_note:

Sad that it didn’t work out for Divock at Milan. I can’t see any PL clubs being interested in him though.

Belgium striker Divock Origi is set to leave AC Milan and, while clubs in Turkey are interested in the 28-year-old, the former Liverpool forward would prefer a return to the Premier League. (Il Corriere dello Sport, via Football Italia)

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Possibly a WHU maybe someone like that.

A few years on Id suggest MLS

IMO, Milan only ever took him to sell him on… Needed to give him a season before doing that, and also, while he at least retains some value


I guess Bobby Firmino will officially be in here shortly.
IMO, the wrong South American striker is going.
Yes, injuries seem more frequent, but he has more goals and assists, in 400 less minutes played than Nunez.
Stats rarely lie.

Sorry to see him go, the most intelligent footballer we’ve had at Liverpool since Xabi Alonso.

Rush, Fowler and Collymore weren’t half bad. Fowler, Owen and Hesket had their moments. We’ve had great combinations throughout the decades.

“Fowler and Owen had their moments”
To be fair, that’s a bit of an understatement.


Bobby’s career is coming to a end, Darwin’s has not long started.


Ah yeah I know! It was a deliberate understatement.


Minutes per goals he done much better than Salah this season in the league ,and just behind him on assists.
Jota,Salah and Nunez are roughly on par with each other,followed closely by Gakpo and Diaz.

Congratulation to Michael Ihiekwe who won promotion to the Championship with Sheffield Wednesday today.

Commiserations to Adam Phillips and Herbie Kane who lost that same game with Barnsley (and Phillips was sent off).


Rayo supporters chanted “Pepe is a communist” and Reina complained to the referee.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1663200754721513472|twgr^be0a6469d5f91ff2c3f9bb30d25fcb9ed1700ec0|twcon^s1_&

“Just don’t insight the fans.”

That’s how it works, isn’t it, José?

Very sad to say this, but serves him right. After so many years he should have known about the dark side of the fans and should have supported Vini.