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I probably wasn’t clear in what I was trying to say.

Let’s take an example of an old person who doesn’t deal well with technology, it’s better for that person to write unique passwords down in a notebook than to reusing the same password everywhere.
Because there’s so many data leaks with emails and passwords (Check your email here against a database of known leaks:, as long as the password notebook is stored in a safe place (like a safe :smiley: ) or well hidden, then it’s good enough.

But every security choice you make depends on what is called a “threat model”. Who and what are you defending against?
There’s no perfect solution, we just need to try to use common sense based on the threat model.

I’ll say this much, I don’t know how they did it but my wife decided to use a banking app from her phone on public wifi at a campground about two years ago and they swiped $2400 from our bank account in less than 20min. I was so mad, I don’t even have a banking app and I definitely don’t bank from my phone

on a private PC (not work) on a VPN from my home.

There is a lot that can be done to you when using public WIFI, Still pretty unlucky, but that’s the risk of using sensitive data on an public network

I’ve sat in a Mexican hotel lobby and watched someone network snoop the WiFi on a laptop. Also watched a guy a Playa Del Carmen crack open a random ATM and hook his laptop up to it and start playing with it.

maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m probably not.

Hence my caveat, for any passwords which link to financial institutions, don’t write the actual password, use a clue to where it can be found that draws on something only you will know. In my example “54.15.3-6” sends you to your favourite autobiography, page 54, line 15, words 3 thru 6.

If a burglar breaks in now, they need to actively locate your paper notebook (which should be hidden and they’re unlikely to be looking for anyway).
When they try the entry for the financial institution(s), they’ll soon figure out the password isn’t actually the password. Even in the unlikely event they manage to figure your “code” out, they will have long since left the your property (where the book is) and enough time should have passed that you realise you’ve had your passwords stolen that you’ve changed them.

Aside from this, most Financial Institutions now use 2FA, so just having the password isn’t much use in isolation.

Couldn’t remember a better thread, so I’ll post my question here.

I have streaming subscriptions for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and I’m looking for an Android box/stick that is certified for both. This is a pretty extensive list from where I’m trying to pick one:

Since I’m unable to acquire Nokia 8010 box, can anyone recommend a device from this list?

I’m leaning towards Xiaomi Mi Stick 4K as it is readily available here but is 2GB or RAM really enough and does it get hot when you’re using it constantly? I’d like to use it for streaming while connected to a VPN service (quite likely ProtonVPN) because the libraries of streaming services are much bigger in other regions such as USA, Canada or UK.

I use a TinyPC with a web browser and log in with that. you can log into almost anything with it, turned it into a media center.

Lenovo M93P, 500gb SSD, 8GB RAM with Win10.

There’s tons of them out there at $125-150, coming out of offices who are flipping their hardware… or “refurbished”. I’m watching FuboTV right now on it. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple Music, etc.

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I facing this problem with my blog. Whenever I try to upload a writing, a part of it remains invisible. There’s blank space where that part should have been.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You have a blog? Tell us more!

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LOL. Let me fix it first. :frowning_face:

Might be the nonsense filter. This hides any text which is not worth reading.

Joking, of course!

Hi Folks, question for you. I’m adding customer PC repairs to our shop. We currently have a customer database but it won’t do what I want it to for repairs. What I want:
A PC or cloud based solution
Text and email to customer with updates
Printed receipt and invoicing

Would be easy to just goto a printers and get some carbon forms done but a little 1982. Any thoughts or advice appreciated. Googling this just gives a billion adverts. Cheers :slight_smile:

Have you tried AWS?

I would be surprised if you can’t find a solution/answer on there

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surprised that whatever accounting/billing solutions you’re currently using don’t have that functionality integrated at this point. “Cash Customer - name and phone number” usually works.

Ifti, What’s with the blog?

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Ok, long overdue phone upgrade.

I’m looking for something Android with a good camera. Seems like Pixel 7 or Samsung 23 are the best bets.

Any boffins out there with tips?

Hang on until the back end of the year and get the Pixel 8, the couple of niggles that prevented me buying the 7 should be sorted by then.

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What are the niggles? My current phone is a p.o.s.

Fingerprint sensor is a bit hit and miss and the battery life is poor in comparison to other top end phones like the S23. They’re both minor annoyances, but I’d expect the Pixel 8 come Oct/Nov this year, so worth holding off until then if you can manage.

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Interesting, cheers. Do you reckon the Pixel’s camera is significantly better than the Samsung?