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I think you’ll find that you will have a manpower shortage if radical steps are taken.

Instead tighten immigration norms and restrict only to white collar jobs. Follow the us policy on h1b

Er. What ?

If Trudeau did make the statement. That’s a significant climbdown.

If there is evidence in there , share it with the world.

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As I noted above, that was pretty obviously an attempt to give the Modi government a plausible ‘out’, supporting an investigation into ‘rogue agents’ or something. Not sure why you would characterize it as a climbdown, it is not out of line with the statements made in the House.

The evidence won’t be made public yet, due to the ongoing investigation - in particular, the search for two individuals. But apparently, Canadian press had caught wind of the India connection in the investigation that has been going on since June.


I am sure others would have mentioned this but don’t Justin Trudeau look like Prince Charming in Shrek, which means he looks like Soyuncu, the ex Leicester CB.


Oh FFS. ‘Politically condoned hate crimes’. I have a student wondering this morning if they should come to class this week (to be fair, it seems to be Indian parents more than him) because of the atmosphere, based on the travel advisory issued by the Indian government. Over half the class are Indian…

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that won’t actually be an out. It’s a simple case of putting evidence forward and keeping the modi govt in line. I’m for it btw. Those cunts need to be made accountable. If there’s no other evidence coming forward , then it’s a climbdown,

I do think there’s a indian govt hand in that killing btw. And the indian govt needs to be held accounted for that.

Let Trudeau walk the talk first.

The element that seems to be missing in the Indian conversation is that the Trudeau government seems to have lost control of the timing of this. Far from this being a gesture to try to build domestic support (which is farfetched to begin with), the fact that the press were going to run the story this week appears to have forced an announcement of the investigation (hence ‘probable’). If there is a political motivation for it, it is defensive - they would have been savaged from left and right for covering up possible Indian state action in Canada.

While I do think it is possible, and I don’t give much credence to the ‘rogue actor’ idea, it seems quite possible that it might be one of those ‘Thomas Becket’ situations (“won’t someone rid me of this troublesome priest”). An Indian diplomat has been in contact with Hindu extremists (yes, we have those now too FFS) now implicated in that murder, may even have discussed that individual - but where exactly did the state action end?

The other Canadian sensitivity that is being lost in the Indian conversation is the ongoing ‘Chinese police stations’ set up in North American cities which have become a very sensitive topic. At the very least, it sounds like India was doing something in the same continuum. Ironic that they would complain about Canadian interference in Indian domestic affairs.

Just not sure what to believe. Like i said, It’s more and more likely that this was a step by Modi (which is somethig up his alley) , but Trudeau with his desperation etc and his previous statements makes me hard oe believe him too

I just don’t see a motivation for Trudeau to pick this fight. The fact that they appear to have done so because the press was about to announce the investigation makes them look really weak. Ironically, it would appear if anyone is benefiting politically from this, it is Modi.

I don’t really know enough about Modi to say. Recent events in the Northeast make it pretty clear that his government is not above far worse on Indian soil at least, but I would have thought actions violating the sovereignty of another country was not in India’s current interest. Maybe the recent overtures from many Western countries have given the Modi government a sense of freedom/power that they are exploiting?

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Modi’s benefitting politically from this for sure.

I detest everything that modi govt stands for , but Trudeau , has probably given modi a bigger plus internationally as well

I suspect the international reaction is still pending, largely wait and see, though some of the NATO reactions seem to indicate they think it is likely but awkward.

Trudeau and his PMO have become really poor at reading the international room. They are stuck back in 2017 when everyone loved him, hence the embarrassingly poor showing in the effort to land a Security Council seat.

this says it all about our PM right here

Modi came into power as someone who was not even allowed to enter the US yet earlier this year he had a state dinner thrown for him. I think he has seen the lengths to which the US will go to appease a foreign partner they think are important in the geopolitical order the US is interested in and is totally content to lean on that. Whether that goes far enough to do something as brazen as this I dont know, but I think it’s clear that he’s picked up lessons from the room the US gives to China and the Saudis to be bad actors in certain ways.

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it’s sure starting to feel like the Star Wars storyline (rebellion vs Empire) isn’t that far from the direction the world is headed at this point?

the irony is, in the story we’re all cheering for the rebellion over the evil Empire…

Am I misunderstanding your comparison, but are you saying cheered for the Empire in Star Wars?

Not sure what you would expect, given that China has had Canada in the crosshairs for several years now. I can fault Trudeau for a lot of things, but not giving the brown-nosing he demands is not one of them.

No, I think Trudeau lacks the capacity to handle himself at that level. He’s a post turtle.

yes, you’re misunderstanding.