Golf! What a great way to 'waste' 4 hours

The Open has begun today!

May the best man (Justin Rose) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: win.

Golf spoils a good walk!


There are some countries where local residents have their water supply cut off during the day, in order to save water, yet golf courses are allowed to run their sprinklers 24/7.

Absolutely disgusting.

Driving range - yes
Playing Golf - fair enough
Watching golf - sorry, don’t get it

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I really enjoy Top Golf a game where you hit the balls into big holes for points - but not Golf. You have a beer here while playing and grab something to eat. Good set up.

Everyone said when you retire from Sunday League football youll go into Golf but it just never took my interest.

It’s a great game, very partial to playing and watching it. Played quite a bit over the years. First round in about 3 years a couple of weeks ago. I’ll take 92 every day of the week. It’s the game I’ll move to when I’m too knackered to play cricket.


A simple game, made difficult by idiots.

Used to really enjoy it. Very addictive and a fantastic way to socialise but can get silly expensive. I don’t socialise any more so I don’t play golf either.

I used to enjoy watching it too. Great when the tension builds.

I have colossal fun beating other golfers who spend the money on the clubs, the clothes, the shoes etc with my shit clubs and bargain Donnay shoes :wink:

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Oosthuizen SA (totally clear for me where his ancestors came from :sunglasses:) leads the pack with -6 my man Rose is on -3. All still open.

I will be watching this in the background tomorrow. interesting that Dechambeau is blowing up. not all that suprised.

I’m a 10-15handicap but haven’t played in a month. reminds me, I need to change that.

For me, he represents everything I don’t like. He is a marketing product without any subtlety, just gym power.

My favorite Rose is a proper golfer who I follow since he first entered the Open as an amateur but my lifelong favorite is Seve Ballesteros, whow could he play a bit …

I totally agree, he’s a flash in the pan. trying to turn a finesse game in to a power game, and it shouldn’t be. it’s not the point.

Jack will always be my #1. I loved Travino and Seve and Watson and Couples and Faldo and Chi Chi Rodriguez!!! Tiger will have a soft spot, he was quite a player and started the evolution of the game.

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Not a fan but I do like his scientific approach. All his irons have the same shaft length etc. The fact that he’s taken club design to a level manufacturers didn’t even think of fascinates me to be honest.

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Some American won, Rose nowhere to be seen.

You mean defeating, right? Not the other beating? :wink:

Collin Morikawa is a quality player. He’s getting better and better.

Jordan Spieth (another Yank) finished 2nd. Up and down—he’s either brilliant, or mediocre.

My favorite is John Rahm (3rd place). Has all the tools. He’ll be ruling the PGA world in short order.

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The problem with golf is….

You can be shit at certain sports and still enjoying playing.

If you’re shit at golf it is a very hard game to enjoy playing

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Yes and no.

Shit-playing is frustrating (and I know all about that!)

But…there’s that one shot or putt (happens every round) which gets you saying “yeah I can do this”. You feel grand, and keeps you coming back.

I was never that good when played but was getting better. I’ve known guys that weren’t that great but loved the game all the same especially when there a few of us playing.

For me it was the drive to get better. Sadly my opportunities to play reduced and I basically stopped.

Problem is when you’re shot a round takes like 4-5 hours!