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Well done John. :+1:

Guess this will not get half the attention that an average day of UK politics gets, people on this forum love to be angry at the government like it is the fashion worldwide these days. :scream:

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what a lovely story…i love stuff like this…

(unfortunately i was waiting for the royal mail official comment saying whilst they appreciate the gesture by one of thier employees they cannot condone employees exiting the vehicle on public motorways for OHS reasons)

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Its very sad how two staples of good news here (and quite rightly) - scientific advances and personal kindness - are both things that are woefully underfunded and under appreciated in late (death throw?) capitalist society. @Klopptimist et al., Imagine that you all reframed your political stance around maximising these things instead of whatever tory atrocity comes next. :disappointed_relieved:

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And a decade later than it would be if we didn’t have that Pommy bastard (who never renounced his British citizenship and was therefore an illegitimate MP) as our onion eating, awkward staring PM.

my mother has been stricken with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka MND, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease) since the late 90’s. has been fairly stable for the past 20 years or so after being in some test groups for drug treatments. I wonder if she got an early version of this treatment through Dr Andrew Eisen @ VGH. i was never privy to what she was being treated with as it was experimental.

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Best wishes to your family that your Mum’s condition can be improved :+1:t3:

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no chance of that, unfortunately. much of her leg function is gone and won’t return. her hands are still somewhat functioning but often needs assistance with eating. can use a keyboard with her knuckle to type, but spends all of her life in her chair with exception of a recliner to keep her feet elevated or when she’s asleep.

her circulation is so poor that her feet are on the cusp of near zero circulation. at that point when they’ll be forced to remove them, I think she’d rather just go to Switzerland…

*** edit ***

Please not that this was not meant to be a negative post by any means. I was in my late teens when she was diagnosed and didn’t expect her to live past the expected 2-5 yrs past diagnosis. So this treatment @Kopstar posted above is a blessing for anyone whom it works on. I don’t know if that’s what she was given 20-odd years ago during some experimental testing she took part in. All I know is that her and one other lady have both lived over 20 years after diagnosis and are still going.

Thanks for those who reached out. it’s truly a blessing. Thanks to Dr Andrew Eisen @ VGH and his amazing team.


Wasn’t that a she not a he?

Tony Abbott.


I thought you where meaning Gillard

(raw) Onion eating doesn’t make it clear enough?

i actually dont get that reference?

Describing Tony Abbott as the ‘raw onion eater’ is actually one of the more neutral ways I can describe him. In his junior minister days they called him ‘mad abbott’ and his party clearly thought he was a fruitcake as well as everything else. He also has a long litany of stupid and disgraceful behaviour. But yes lets talk about Julia Gillard…