Harry Wilson (RW) to Fulham

James Pearce (JamesPearceLFC)

Liverpool in discussions with Burnley over the possible sale of Harry Wilson. #LFC

Thought we could have a thread on young Harry’s possible move. Him being a free kick specialist fits Burnley’s game for sure. Get fouls in dangerous areas and try banging them in off the set piece. Could be a really good move for him. About the right level for him as well IMO.


Makes sense for Burnley and their style of play. 20M please.


Yep. Seems like a sensible move, being a setpiece specialist will definitely fit into their strategy.

If he helps them survive relegation then i shall never forgive him.


Burnley? Jeez, that means the interest for him isn’t that great.

Hopefully we won’t have to see Eric Pieters sometimes at RW again. We still might, if Burnley prove to be too intense for Harry.

But yeah, they need a player there. Lennon and Hendrick are all gone, they’re down to McNeil, Gudmundsson and Brady (who is not available often enough).

Not sure if it’s the best move for him long term, perhaps just a hope to stay in the PL and search for another move soon.


And to follow on from the comment that I’ve made. Considering it’s Sean Douche getting benefitted. Liverpool should up the price from 20M to 30M

I think we’ll get £10M. I’d be delighted at £15m. £20m and I’ll strongly suspect Edwards is a Warlock.


If it’s at the lower end of that scale, my guess is we’ll insist on some kind of add-on clauses and/or a percentage of a future transfer fee.

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Because its Edwards, I expect nothing less than £15m and a 15% sell on clause.

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I would be delighted with £15 millions and perhaps some add-ons.

Ad-ons at Burnley? How could that look? For breaking opponents legs?


If Wilson grows a ginger goatee that’s an extra 1m. If his balls drop to China and his voice goes gruff that’s an extra £2m


Appearances, avoiding relegation, reaching Europe etc, just off the top of my head.

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I cant see Burnley paying much. Are we sure its not a loan?

Also a bit odd for them to be signing a relative youngster.

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Can’t see any truth in this at all.

When did Burnley start trying to sign actual footballers?

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Can see them signing him and then trying to add Benteke from Palace. Route 1 pure one dimensional football.

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I can see that being the best combination since Downing and Carroll :grimacing:


You could add in Charlie Adam… his corners alone are worth 20M

Back to Wilson. I’m just happy if he finds a place where he can play and play regularly. Had hoped he’d be back at Bournemouth or join a team that will finish somewhere between 8-15 in the table.

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Charlie Adam is so fat he doesn’t have corners.