Harvey ELLIOTT: 2021/22

First Name: Harvey
Surname: Elliott
Squad Number: 67
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 62kg
D.O.B.: 04.04.2003.
Town of Birth: Chertsey
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English


If he goes on loan again, he won’t make it here. He needs to stay and get as many minutes as he can, or he will be a Brewster, Wilson or Woodburn. A bit part player here is more important than a starring role in the championship as there comes a time when even a slight step up helps. He initially will need to come on before Origi and Shaq, and then take it from there.

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I kind of agree with you. Personally, I’d like to see him stay for the first half of the season, be used in the League Cup and early rounds of the FA Cup, then in Jan we can review his game time. If we are still fighting on 4 fronts then he will likely be used enough to justify staying.

If we however get knocked out of the 2 domestic cups early, then he’s potentially going to struggle for game time post Feb which if that is the case then I would maybe look at sending him on loan to a lower Premier League club with a clause that anying less than 6-10 starts will require them to 1M per month for the length of the loan


Salah and Mane will be missing some games during Dec-Feb. So there will be opportunities. Then there’s always the issue of fitness or form of senior players. Klopp has shown that he isn’t afraid to try a young player. I feel Elliott will clock around 1000 mins which is good for a debut PL season.


Just saw on transfermarkt that they updated until when he’s signed his new deal; 2026.

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I think he will stay and if he don’t get minutes he will ask for a loan move in January.

The wrinkle is of course that in pre-season he has not only not been playing as one of the forwards, but has been put in a role where we have way more competition.

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I would agree, but on a side mention, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen the manager deploy someone in a slightly different position to what they would normally play so they can get a little more awareness of what their teammates would be doing and seeing so they could play more effectively in their original position.

That said, my hypothesis regarding our playing style is that our backups for Mané and Salah will be more direct goalscorers. Thus, despite the clamour for a more traditional striker, they would get played similarly to Jota and Origi anyway, down the left channel, or down the right in place of Salah. The question would then be, can Elliott play in that role or does he have to be more withdrawn? I frankly have no idea, haven’t seen enough of him to actually figure out what the answer is.


We’ve seen him use players in expected roles, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen him do it to a player who he had plans for using in what we considered their primary role unless it was out of necessity (e.g. Milly at LB, or Hendo at CB).

To me, the conclusions are either that Klopp isn’t thinking about him for this season and so is just using him to fill holes during pre-season, or this is genuinely where he sees him being able to compete and contribute.

Pearce thinks Klopp is just testing his versatility, and still expects him to mainly be an impact sub on the wing.

It’s possible, but it seems odd to test him at something secondary at the complete expense of testing him at the things you might use him for. If he was splitting time between the roles, or he gets some more time in the more advanced role in these upcoming games I might start leaning in this direction.

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Yeah just going by where he has played in the past, including loan last year. Big ask for someone as creative as him to get into the nitty gritty stuff in mid. Not saying he won’t or can’t do it, it would just be a change for him. Youth football probably came a bit easy to him so not sure he’s ever had to really get after it, as an attacking player.

It’ll be interesting to see.

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Is this discussion based around Elliott’s preseason game time?
Asking as he could be grouped differently in training sessions.
Klopp might be just looking at it as an integration exercise for him (as well as improving his passing and vision) promoting his cohesion with the group.
It does indicate he possibly won’t get many minutes in EPL at the start of the season (though there will be the cup games) with his involvement increasing as the season goes on (Klopp has taken his time in integrating players, testing their adaptability and versatility with a number of players).
Just throwing it out there aas we know Klopp does like to see how more advanced players cope in deeper positions. In any case Elliott doesn’t seem to be thrown out by it.

Great point. The consistency of how they’ve used him suggests there’s something to it. If there’s not, and he’s rather making up the numbers, they’re kind of just putting him through a bunch of non-specific training, which doesn’t seem like the MO of this coaching staff.

Elliott is quite tenacious with his pressing and harrying of opposition when I’ve seen him play.


He’s a special special talent. So busy all the time.


Whenever I see that word in relation to a footballer, it always reminds me of the late, great Brian Moore and his comments every time we played:

“And there’s Ray Houghton, with that busy little stride…”

Used to say it every match. :joy:

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Ah I’m not that old…

Couldn’t think of a better word to describe Elliot but he really does pop up everywhere, always showing for the ball, works hard off it… Can’t see him looking back now as long as he stays fit, what a player we have… With him and Jones I’m good we put all our money into a forward and give them as many minutes we can.


My fiancé named him perfectly couple years ago when we saw an under 23s game “that lil firecracker is good isn’t he?”!