Harvey ELLIOTT: 2022/23

Except he scored through the middle.

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Good goal, good energy. That was more the Elliott from the first few months of the season, although of course, when you play as part of the attack, you have the licence to be more “wild”.

Much better in a 4 man midfield.


Most appearances (30) of all of our players so far this season. But it says more about our injuries everywhere.


I love his passion and energy, just wish his defensive energy could be fine tuned to win the ball back for us at isn’t the want for effort.

His best work is done in the final 3rd but he is restricted in the RCM role and isn’t an out & out forward


He just needs to be patient. Mo Salah isn’t going to be around forever. If Mo does leave, Harvey gets that spot.

I’m not sure about that, for all the criticism of Salah, he is actually rather effectively defensively. Elliott will need to learn how to do that better regardless of where he plays.

Not to mention that hopefully, he will have good competition for that spot in Gordon and Doak.

Absolutely, but he’s still a baby in football terms.

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First, Elliott needs to make it here properly, regardless of position.

Second, I don’t think one bit that the staff views him only as a forward from now on and that’s it. That kind of radical changes of opinions happens with us fans, we can allow to be that wild because we don’t have any influence on things.

It’s very much try to improve in all aspects of your game and see how far it takes you at Liverpool.

He might survive here post-Klopp, but I think this staff still sees him more as a midfielder or a between the lines combinator.

To struggle in this side this season isn’t “hard”, so a bit of context is needed also. He was actually good in a few games before the WC in midfield.

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I don’t think he’s even viewed much as a forward except under such emergency situations, a little like Jones.

Maybe I’m extrapolating too much from that interview that Jones gave, but I have a feeling that with some of the younger players like the two of them and Carvalho, we’re trying to make them viable options across the midfield and the forward lines.