I’ll have a bitter please...It’s the Everton thread

They should try and get this guy in…
They already got his chant perfected :0)
Kim Jong-Boo


Basically they had no idea expected to attract several names talked to about 15 and these are the only two that haven’t said no straight away.

And for Bielsa that is only because he is trying to find a translator to help him say no.


I wonder what “no” in Spanish is…

Joder no Prefiero ver a mi hermana tener relaciones sexuales con un caballo

Has he got a horse or a sister?

It’s probably the idea I would favour for Everton - not because it might fail spectacularly but because it might help Everton become closer to its roots and lose the toxicity.

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It has been an awfully long time since Woodison was known as ‘The School of Science’ :0)


I think Pripyat has more chance of losing its toxicity than that club.

That is my thinking. Football is supposed to be fun. It has to be able to still be fun even without winning, otherwise only a tiny fraction of the fans could ever enjoy football (and most the fans of those clubs would still be self-entitled pricks who dont enjoy winning because they dont do it the right way or comprehensively enough). You’ve just got to give the fans something worth showing up for. Nothing about this everton experience comes close to that at the minute and they are probably closer to imparting enjoyment with a new approach than they are from getting the results they seem to think they deserve


They look beaten before they kick off. Something I don’t think I’ve seen from us even at the worst times.

When they successfully managed to breed an ogre with a potato?

It was before Shrek came along…
Need to go back to when they bred Joe Royle’s Big Fat Head :0)

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In all seriousness, I bet he has answered using the subjunctive in Spanish, which Anglos just don’t get. That ‘yes, I would consider becoming your manager…’ sort of answer that actually means ‘…but that doesn’t mean now, here, in this world we live in’'.

I myself learned how the Spanish subjunctive works in polite Latin American culture by screwing up my courage to ask this stunning brunette out in my lovely broken Spanish, and being delighted to hear her say that it would make her happy to go out with me some time…


Like in Vanilla Sky, when Penelope Cruz says

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She did look sort of like that too…am I a cat yet?

Rumours they are still chasing Bielsa

If they get Dyche I hope he knows he will have to dye that Ginger/Red hair and Goatee of his to Royal Blue… or their fans might burn his house down :0)

Apparently he didn’t want the job it was just the easiest way to put everton off

Duncan Ferguson set to be named Forest Green Rovers manager

Former Everton striker ready for first permanent managerial post

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Aren’t Forest Green meant to be a vegan club, whereas Big Dunc mainly eats burglars?


I think they’re planning ahead for life in the lower leagues, like when you’re flying somewhere long-haul and set your watch to the destination time zone when you get on the plane.

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