I’ll have a bitter please...It’s the Everton thread

Usmanov’s money. Moshiri’s just his accountant. Again brings back to the fit person rule. How have his finances been evaluated to see if he was a capable owner ?

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I don’t actually think they recruited badly. Their only mistake was in persisting with Brendan. Their squad the season they got relegated was probably a top 8 squad. They probably lost a lot of leadership when Vichai died.

And again , they’ve had to overpay for the talent because of the oil clubs inflating the market.

Plus Brendan’s inability to build teams. He inherited a decent squad at Leicester, Swansea etc. and made them all worse. Even when he was with us.

Understandable point on the oil clubs though. You have to hope that City’s bubble will burst soon.

Everton though. What a shit storm.

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Brendan did win the FA Cup while at Leicester as well. The team was clearly decent enough then as far as recruitment was concerned.

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-10, +4, now -2 more points deducted.

What an absolute shambles of decisions.


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This could be the difference between staying up and going down.

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Will there be a third given their latest set of accounts?

I’ve lost track of this seesaw message.

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where they? When they got promoted they were under investigation over their spending in the Championship weren’t they?

They did pay a fine for that. True.

But they won the PL with a spend far less than any of the other top 8 teams then.

Leicester make the case for trying to keep pace.

Everton don’t.

Don’t Forest face a further fine, Everton won’t take a hit for this season but could next if they don’t bring the silly NBA tax in, saying that how could Everton afford that?

I think the case can be made that Everton’s mismanagement goes back for a longer time than the mismanagement seen in Leicester and Forest

Kenwright was their Moores, a well meaning but out of his depth owner. Had they got themselves into this trouble on his watch you might be able to make this argument. But everything going on is a direct consequence of them trying to cheat the system. Moshri might have had independent interest, but he was ultimately a front for Usmanov’s illegal interest in Everton (still had 30% of Arsenal at the time, but knew he was being forced out). They then used a series of related party transactions to bloat their revenue allowing them to overspend, and spend badly, to a level that could not be sustained by other parties once Usmanov’s money got blocked as part of the Russian sanctions. They were already in a big hole by the time 777 came on board.


Amazingly, I think Everton should be celebrating. Even despite this second penalty, they are likely to stay up - the bottom 2 look gone already and they are still 2 points ahead of Luton. Getting these penalties in and dealt with during a season where the 3 promoted teams are so bad that everton can give them a 8 point head start and still stay above the drop is the best thing that has happened to them since Lee Carsely scored the winner in the derby in 2003 or so.


Yes - and two points for this latest round is pretty light. They could have a clean slate this summer.

They will still have the dodgy owners though.


I think their penalties come out at 2 points per reporting year. The original penalty was downgraded to 6 points for a violation of a rolling 3 year period. This new charge covers just one additional year.

If that is the going rate, that seems pretty trivial


Yeah, why even bother bringing in a tax the points deduction does nothing.

Of course if it had been implemented at the right time they would have been relegated last season on GD.

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It is basically one missed sitter for a draw like Sunday’s match.


Should be a point for every million.

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If I was Everton, I’d be more worried at the cases that the relegated clubs do keep. That would cost them money they don’t have.

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