ICC 2024 Cricket World T20

Looks like Wenger took ICC’s idea of having events every year.

And looks like England’s idea’s been taken over by US and Canada.


Can’t look beyond Australia for this one though.

India’s team isn’t good. Loads of deserving candidates not chosen.

South Africa is a darkhorse but well ICC events and them

NZ don’t seem to have the firepower.

England is probably the 2nd fav.

Nothing much to say about the other teams.

Looks like the only Canadian is playing for the USA.


When you see graphics like that, it really hits home how ridiculous the laws of international representation are.

All sports should simplify the rules: you should only be eligible for the country in which you were born.

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So what your saying is you want England to be shitter at even more sports?


Sad to see how empty the ground looks for this WI game

Apparently there are a few games in South Florida and so just started looking at tickets. The games are shit, but could be interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately they also happen to fall on my partner’s birthday. What are the chances I can convince her a weekend in Miami is a nice birthday break for her and somehow justify a day sitting in the sun drinking beers at the cricket is part of that?


That sounds like the perfect birthday gift.

You sir, are a truely fantastic husband, and Mrs Limiescouse is truely blessed to have such a loving and wonderful partner

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Easy: tell her she’s going to experience something she has never done before, which will set her pulse racing, it involves travel to somewhere hot and sunny, and that she will never forget the experience for the rest of her life.


Looking at the fixtures I would definitely choose the SL vs Nepal game. A potential upset and would think it will be the game with the best atmosphere.



It’s not going to be an upset.

That’s the Indian System.

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You really had to open this thread?

There was a thread for the previous world cup. So yes.

Don’t be so sure.

PNG giving a good account of themselves here. Surprised WI didn’t pick Hetmyer, they look a batsman short imo.

Which of those players are US American / Canadian citizens though? If they’ve all pledged allegiance to their respective new countries then why is it ridiculous?

She lives somewhere hot and sunny.

Here we go again.


Not to mention the Australian Rugby team and every Irish sporting side…