Joe GOMEZ: 2023/24

First Name: Joe
Surname: Gomez
Squad Number: 12
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 23.05.1997.
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 77kg
Town of Birth: Catford
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Joe Gomez aged 26 is now our longest serving player. (Well soon)

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It’s all abaht yoof, innit.

Klopp’s German rule of longest serving club player being a captain shouldn’t apply here

Maybe he should be captain on Europa league nights. :roll_eyes:

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That is , if he’s fit enough

Hasn’t he already worn the armband a couple of times?

Joe Gomez gets way too much disrespect for my liking. He’s had very bad luck with injuries, but has still managed to be a part of the club during its most recent golden age. He’s worked very hard to come back from injury and has been a useful and versatile squad member.


2015/16: Seven games, 618 mins, injured 234 days
2016/17: Three games, 270 mins, injured 128 days
2017/18: 31 games, 2463 mins, injured 82 days
2018/19: 25 games, 1583 mins, injured 130 days
2019/20: 43 games, 3319 mins, injured one day
2020/21: 12 games, 979 mins, injured 231 days
2021/22: 21 games, 1036 mins, NA
2022/23: 31 games, 2123 mins, injured 21 days

Probably making more of this than I need to but I noticed that on the “Inside” footage from the Newcastle game, as Nunez is celebrating the equalizer both Quansah and Gomez come over to celebrate but Gomez is talking to Quansah - clearly about shape and how they are working together at the back. For someone I’ve criticised for being too much inside his own shell I was glad to see that.


Good interview.

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Lost count how many easy balls he lost early in the match last night. Not a young player anymore at 26, doesn’t have to act that he’s this (eternally) talented, fast, ball playing maestro. Please, keep it more simple and assured, Joe. Do everyone a favour.

Whilst true, not his fault he’s being made to play LB. Kostas is going to play about 2 games when Robbo’s back after the winter break, just play the fucker.

He was doing just fine at RB then for some reason at Luton decided to play him at LB for the first time in about 53 years. You’d have thought we learned our lesson and last night we got away with one (nice one Queef) no thanks to Joe.

Sure it’s the least comfortable for him, but wherever he plays in defence, some very basic mistakes like last night are not acceptable, not at the level this side operates or wants to go back to.

It’s not a big deal if he’s sometimes asked to cover at LB. We shift to a 3 at the back a lot of the time in possession when Trent comes inside, so he’s basically a LCB in that phase. Tsimi wasn’t great initially when he stepped in for Robbo, now he’s better. But can’t play every game. Gomez can be a solution here and there, especially against sides that pose a threat for set pieces.

He’s not being asked to bomb down the touchline all the time like Robbo in Liverpool’s structure from a few years back (and still today to a good portion, different players). He has Virgil alongside him and more often than not, some technically very, very able footballers in front of him on the left side of our team, be it at LCM or left of attack.

I have to leave this here, great thread, some brilliant comments :joy:

He’s gonna ping one top corner in the Europa League Final. 1-0 win.


With a diving header. From outside the penalty box.

Fun fact:

Gomez’s 26 games so far this season is already in the top 3 how much he’s had in a full season since he’s been here.


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This has by far and away been his best season for us since the title winning season, I’d even go as far to say he’s in my top 3 players of the season behind Ali and Virg. Ok maybe top 4 seeing as you probably have to fit Salah in there.

Fair to say Joe has…reinvented himself.

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