Joe GOMEZ: 2023/24

First Name: Joe
Surname: Gomez
Squad Number: 12
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 23.05.1997.
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 77kg
Town of Birth: Catford
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Joe Gomez aged 26 is now our longest serving player. (Well soon)

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It’s all abaht yoof, innit.

Klopp’s German rule of longest serving club player being a captain shouldn’t apply here

Maybe he should be captain on Europa league nights. :roll_eyes:

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That is , if he’s fit enough

Hasn’t he already worn the armband a couple of times?

Joe Gomez gets way too much disrespect for my liking. He’s had very bad luck with injuries, but has still managed to be a part of the club during its most recent golden age. He’s worked very hard to come back from injury and has been a useful and versatile squad member.


2015/16: Seven games, 618 mins, injured 234 days
2016/17: Three games, 270 mins, injured 128 days
2017/18: 31 games, 2463 mins, injured 82 days
2018/19: 25 games, 1583 mins, injured 130 days
2019/20: 43 games, 3319 mins, injured one day
2020/21: 12 games, 979 mins, injured 231 days
2021/22: 21 games, 1036 mins, NA
2022/23: 31 games, 2123 mins, injured 21 days

Probably making more of this than I need to but I noticed that on the “Inside” footage from the Newcastle game, as Nunez is celebrating the equalizer both Quansah and Gomez come over to celebrate but Gomez is talking to Quansah - clearly about shape and how they are working together at the back. For someone I’ve criticised for being too much inside his own shell I was glad to see that.

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