Joe GOMEZ: 2023/24

It was absolutely crazy that so many people were bombing him out in the summer. English, home grown, and covers four different positions. Alex Ferguson would have loved a player like Joe. He always had a couple like him.

More than many players, he needs a run to get back to his full level. Once he has a few games under his belt he shows his ability. Last night, apart from one little lapse of concentration, he absolutely pocketed Saka, and showed how underrated he is with the ball at his feet.

If you want to do the Trent inverted full back thing, Joe is a really useful player to have around. He can play left back in a more defensive style than Robbo, and shuffle across to LCB far more naturally, or he can play RCB and be a much more natural half CB half RB than Konate.


Start Joe at RB until his scores his first goal. Robbo can wait on bench until then.

Who’s going to play LB then?

He’s looked more likely to score at left back (Arsenal league game comes to mind) than he ever has at right back or center back.

Joe has been tremendous this season. Just hope his body holds up (history of injuries) with all the minutes he’s playing. We NEED him until Robbo returns.

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LB, of course.

Sorry. Hate Mondays.

The best Gomez I saw was the start of 18/19, he was brilliant then (him and Gini were the best in the opening part of that season). Then also, yeah, the middle part of the league winning 19/20 season. But this is not that level, let’s not exaggerate. Has some good, solid, not so good games now. But in a better situation (without pretending like every top club has 22 brilliant senior players), his time will also come when he will come short and I don’t think it’s far.

He should do the Helicopter celebration. I’m sure he has a massive rotor. :see_no_evil:

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Good CB, excellent right back and left back. Don’t get half enough credit.

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Klopp: “Yes we have a lot of players out but don’t worry, I have a plan”

The plan:

— Raws (@Raws_FUT) January 10, 2024



We all dream of a team of…

Whenever he does score, I want it to be one that hurts our opposition a lot.

Like when Kompany banged a screamer in, or Jagielka.

A PL game winning goal, that makes the opposition shudder every time they think about “that time Gomez won Liverpool the PL”.


Maybe he won’t score his first in open play!!

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I used to have a lad on my team who was an exceptional athlete and defender, but capped out at the level he did because he was just so bad with the ball. If he had it at his feet in open play you wouldnt be confident of him even hitting a 5 yard pass accurately. Then one day we were practicing pens and all of a sudden he was a like a prime Le Tiss…just smashing them into the top corner time after time after time. I still dont understand the deal he must have made to get those combination of skills/traits :man_shrugging:

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Joe Goalmez will happen this season

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He’s been brilliant this season.

Unbelievable that some people wanted to sell him last summer.

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