Joël MATIP: 2023/24

and injuries

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That applies to all teams, but our squad depth and, crucially, coaching are better than most.

You and @GermanRed laid out both reasons why I have fears about our prospects - we’ve been maintaining a “one injury per match” ratio for a few weeks, and one of them was a potential career-ender for one of our players. Only Newcastle have a longer list of injured players than us. Given the form Konate was in, Matip was rightly keeping him out of the starting XI, so his absence will definitely be felt.


Can we please wait and see how we do today and then move discussion to the expectations thread :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think it is fantastic that Jurgen feels we should the honourable thing with a contract, maybe a year to help him recover and see where it goes from there.

He did injury himself playing for us, as Jurgen says it would show class,

Looks like unless things change, he probably has played his last game for us.

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