Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

So who are these young players we give game time to in the league. Apart from TAA an exceptional talent, Curtis Jones (infrequent) I cant think of anyone (haven’t fact checked) given a prolonged run. Rhys Williams maybe but that was down to circumstances.

I completely agree with the fact it is easier for a team with low aspirations to be more able to commit to game time but you tell that to Dortmund fans.
For a club - known to be a selling club - to spend £25m upfront on a 17yr old, is a very brave move. For most clubs including us paying that amount of money for a 17yr old must allow for regular game time.

I actually agree most of the points you raise. But, I still stand by my point that Dortmund’s model should be something to learn from. Same as the Red Bulls and some of the Portuguese teams. You could probably also include Brighton.

This summer is going to be dominated by the future of 2 players.

Jude and Mbappe.

Surely…SURELY Madrid can’t afford both these guys…leaving the other open to.go.somewhere…else.

That would be nice, I do think Jude would excel here.




He would improve our outlook


Yeah we got to capture that window of opportunity to get him.


You make a power(ful) point there.


Yeah hopefully FSG will pay the Bill necessary to get him through the paisley Gates

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I’m not getting the hype for this lad.
Lots of people think he’d be mega for us, I’m thinking he’ll probably crash

O dear this has thread gone well over the Edge.

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Think he would crash at United/Chelsea (like Sancho for example) and at Real too (another new country for a young kid. Many players struggled there).

He’d be great under Klopp and Pep.

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Nah he’s the real deal. Has that drive and leadership about him that Gerrard did at a young age.

(though if he doesn’t sign for us I agree that he’s shite)

Ah bollocks, didn’t read back on the thread so missed the pun-fest :man_facepalming:t2:

He must’ve left it at home against the US of A then

Yeah if a 19yo isn’t perfect every game he must be overrated

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Provided we manage to fight off the competition and sign him in time for our Europa League 2023 charge, I’d be worried about the price tag and his fitness record because we’re talking about 100 million pounds ballpark here and a lad who’s been playing regularly since he was 17. Now he’s quite frankly irreplaceable in his national team at the age of 19. That’s a whole lot of weight of expectations on his shoulders and whole lot of pressure on his body.

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After seeing this evidence, there can be no more questions. It’s a done deal

[quote=“Lynch04, post:546, topic:2246”]
For a club - known to be a selling club - to spend £25m upfront on a 17yr old, is a very brave move.[/quote]

It sounds a lot, but it’s all about perception.

At 17, Jude Bellingham was always nailed on to be a quality player. Whether he’d become absolutely world class was a bit more of a question, but Dortmund were always at least doubling their money.

But forget his age for a second. Dortmund effectively paid £25m for a starting midfielder that they knew they would move on in a few years for a profit. We would have paid £25m for a youth/development player and occasional starter.

Jude Bellingham at 17 doesn’t get into our team off the bat. He is getting starts in the cups, possible 10mins here and there. Maybe straight out on loan. We’ve seen what a development pathway looks like at LFC, and it looks like Harvey Elliott. A few cameos to whet the appetite, solid championship loan and then into squad rotation before winning his spot.

Dortmund aren’t dealing with league pressure in the same way we are. We can’t relax into a develop and sell methodology in the same way Dortmund can. They aren’t winning their league. Every game for us is a cup final. We can have youngsters making mistakes as they learn.

Those numbers don’t work for us in the same way they do for Dortmund. And the pathway probably doesn’t work for Jude anyway.


Even Elliott perhaps isn’t a typical example. Had Hendo, Thiago and Keita been available more often, perhaps he wouldn’t have got as many minutes as often as he has. Not that he hasn’t delivered most of the time he’s been called upon.

Wouldn’t be the first time a player went to Real not being a guaranteed starter.

Modric is still great (though not having the best games lately both for Real and Croatia, must be said), but it’s really now the last years.

Camavinga, Tchouameni, Rudiger, they all went there and some are playing and some are not.

It’s Real at the end of the day, I don’t think Jude will be put off by how much could he play right now. Camavinga’s game time might come into question more.

It’s more of a question for Real how they want to spend their money, because Valverde might be a candidate for the same position/role as Bellingham long term. But you could also potentially have Bellingham replacing Kroos at LCM and Valverde replacing Modric at RCM. Who knows.

Does it make sense to keep chasing Mbappe if Vinicius keeps doing and even improves on what he’s doing on the left side?

Does Mbappe ever want to make that evolution centrally when he’s then naturally playing less facing the goal.

Back to topic, Bellingham will be wanted, that is obvious. Game time right now at Real wouldn’t be a stumbling block I don’t think. It would happen next summer and Modric will be 38 then. Even if he gets another year, it’s really the final stage now.

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