Khephren Thuram (CM, OGC Nice)

As has been posted in the rumours thread:

The links to Thuram have been strong since the season ended. Would be a welcome additon.

Also with the MacAllister and Bellingham threads locked we need a new one to play i

As excited as I am by this link, think until a more reliable source comes along we’ll have to lock it up. Hopefully not for long!


If Pearce says we’re talking to his agent I think that’s a decent enough link for us to give it its own thread :+1:


Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek


Saw her tonight in the first ep of S6 of Black Mirror, she’s great in it. Haven’t seen SC but enjoyed her in Kevin Can F*** Himself as well…


Could also change his name, it’s Khephren.


NEW: Liverpool continue to make Khephren Thuram a priority signing, contacts have intensified in recent weeks & the player is open to leaving OGC Nice despite his attachment to the club, Thuram is “seduced” by the Liverpool project. - [@Tanziloic (

No idea who this guy is, from his bio he’s a journalist for L’Equipe and used to work for RMC sport.


After watching this video I’m pretty disappointed tbf- He really doesn’t look good enough for us in my opinion, at least not for a team with title ambitions. Klopp would have to use a lot of his magic on this young man to take him to a higher level, hmmm, well wait and see.

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I watch that account a lot as his analysis seems detailed and fair, so with that in mind can’t say I’m not a little disappointed in his conclusion on Thuram. I honestly think his potential is higher than is stated here.


He said Mac Allister was shite too.

I’ve watched a few of his videos and I agree he tries to be fair but I am not sure he’s very good at building his arguments or understanding data. He’s one of the better creators on youtube when it comes to football but when I compare him to some of the people who make content about American Football or Basketball and it is comparatively surface level and shallow.

Anyway, still worth checking out, at least it better than the highlights compilations.


He said Antony and Mudrik is generation talents. Well ….


The main reason we should be signing this guy is to play him with Ramses and our Egyptian King.

With our Egyptian-inspired trio, we’d be unstoppable.

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Got as far as the lazy comparison with Guilit and turned it off.

But if it’s a case, as it’s been made out to be, of a choice between him, Kone, Lavia and Gravenberch then he’s the one for me. Needs some work but the physical and technical traits all look to be there.


Until we draw Macabi Tel Aviv in Europe

There’s a reason why the YouTube creator isn’t in the scouting business.

Case in point , we signed Gini who was a CAM for newcastle but his best work came in a deeper role. No one envisaged him being in a deeper role.


He seems to be going a bit bear-like over Liverpool’s targets. As Sweeting mentioned, even his Mac Allister video was as if we’re making a mistake. Felt like too many personal opinions and what-if scenarios instead of just analysing what’s in front of him.

Edit: I just rewatched that vid and remember what kept irking me. He kept comparing Mac Allister’s statistics to players in other, much better teams. Especially Kevin De Bryune. Like are you serious? Do you expect Mac Allister to have as many assists as someone who sits behind Erling f**king Haaland?!


Karembeu also. Did he just pick the first black players with dreadlocks that came to mind for comparison?


Whoever LFC buy will undoubtedly be a work-in-progress type, not some £100m+ trail blazer that would have a better chance to light the place up straight away - However, just how much work is needed, remains to be seen, but it probably will reflect in the price we pay

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