La Liga discussion

Thought he had a good game myself. Frenkie de Jong was excellent.

Christensen was carrying a knock.

Tbf I’ve not watched the game or seen him at cb this season, just saw he was there on the bbc sport lineups. Was not something id have seen coming from his Chelski days

Real never managed a shot on target all game, when they play us they look a completely different team. :woozy_face::woozy_face:

not all that strange, he was having an affair.

Didn’t stop John Terry…

Nice interview with Manuel Pellegrini here:

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98 red cards this season is wild. I think I read there’s been more reds in La Liga than the Premier League, Series A and Bundesliga combined.

Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid. 70 minutes

Wish VJ played like this against us.

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Madrid go 2-1 up Asensio. Nope ruled out by var.

Barcelona 2-1 Kessie. FT
Barcelona go 12 points clear.

The great Real 12 points behind.

Oh god oh no oh how come.

The league all but done now with Barcelona winning.

Shows the massive chasm between us and Man Utd :cry::wink:

Yeah here’s a little reminder. :joy:

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After watching that match, how the f*** did we so badly tank against Real?

Both those sides look like they’d barely be competing for a CL spot if they were in the PL.

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Xavi has Carlo’s number kinda in the same way Carlo has …. Nvm.

No denying the job he’s done there, only 9 goals conceded is ridiculous for a side that was supposedly finished last season.