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Phwoarrr, that’ll teach them.

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It’s strangely more than I expected.

I feel 5 games behind closed doors would have sent a better message.

It’s a shame the win boosted their survival hopes. They look safe now.

Exactly. Football authorities worldwide need to learn that the only punishment that acts as a deterrent is the deduction of points.

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  1. Incident - 6 points deducted
    Repeated incidents over a period of 3 years means twice the number of points deducted.

Stadium bans and fines mean fuck all.

And make it retrospective point deductions as well. Any footage which shows players being racially abused the past season has to have points being retrospectively deducted for the following seasons…

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Valencia are appealing the stand closure as it’s unfair to the fans who did nothing. Just makes them look worst imo. Take the punishment, move on.

This kind of punishment might not be as strong as some want, but it should help - will increase the self policing of the fans, knowing the risk is that 20 idiots chanting racist shit puts your own seat at jeopardy. As long as La Liga can fire this kind of thing out very quickly, it might be a good start. Certainly, repeat offending requires greater punishment.


@The-AllMightyReds what does the :see_no_evil: reaction mean here? Just curious.

What does it mean?

It means I almost fell off my chair reading the club’s statement and that they would appeal to the Spanish FA, nothing to do with anything you said Rupz.

You know, you only have so many reactions to choose from.

Figured it wasnt anything I said…but that reaction is hard to read sometimes :rofl:

Tbh I hadn’t got round to reading what you said, the first line was enough to send me toppling.

It’s funny because;

We have a laughing emoji…matched with a frowning emoji. (as a reaction not compiling a post)
We have a thumbs up I agree, but no thumbs down I disagree?
We have a love heart, but no broken hearted how could this have happened?

& then you have love through the eyes as in yeah she’s sexy or yeah that kit is stylish I’m getting meself one even if it’s £125…to me it’s basically the same as a love heart emoji.

& then you have this weird thing on the end, I normally use it when it’s something cringy from what someone’s said or something in an article or “oh god here we go again…would you give it a rest already”

Appalling behaviour. Playing the victim role in matters like this.

Only way to stop Valencia saying “what about this club” is to give the same treatment to the other clubs as well.


Pretty much why I don’t use anything other than heart or thumbs up which are one and the same. Laughing one too is pretty clear.

I dont have sympathy for Valencia, but feel this is taking the heat of La Liga too much. All season they have sent the message to clubs like Valencia that racially abusing a player like Vinicius is a valid and acceptable way to throw him off his game. Valencia did this, to the degree they did, precisely because they were told over and again that it was just bantz and Vinicius needed to grow a spine and to stop asking for it.

If they have finally drawn a line and decided they need to take a different approach then great, there has to be a first step. The pressure needs to be kept on La Liga moving forward though to make sure they dont just treat Valencia as a one off scape goat.


“You people” are hardcore, I just touch, way too much effort to touch hold and change.

Are ya laughing with me…or at me though Rupz. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A 5 match empty stadium would have sent a better message. If fans see the punishment they might act on it.

They just look even more pathetic, shame they can’t be relegated.

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Full stadium ban for 5 games would also hit the club (a little) harder financially, so may encourage the club to reach out to the fans to behave like adults.

…but when you see the statement they come out with, you wonder if there’s any point. Everybody wants to take credit when it’s going right, but when something goes wrong nobody wants to be held to account.

Yup FIFA running a Respect advert during the ad breaks of every World Cup game coupled with a pro climate advert.

It’s virtual signalling at its finest.

First Pique, then Busquets, now Alba.

The Barca golden generation is gone.

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It’s hard watching the videos where the shouts of monkeys are so loud and clear from such a big section of the stadium. I don’t think anyone can stomach that and a lesser person would have broken down because what fucking rights do you have to do that to another human being. And it might not be in context but to hear the Valencia manager insisting that Vinicius provoke the fans has a part to play in the fans reaction. I can agree that Vinicius can be a prick like many players are but using racism to hit back is low and these people should be imprisoned and if fucking Fifa is serious, fan racist behavior should result in point deductions, suspension of transfer activity, millions in fines not the token 50k, whatever will piss the fans and clubs off, that should be the punishment because the message should be if you don’t want such extreme punishment, then fucking weed out those extremists amongst you.


Real should have walked off. Not asked Vinicius whether he wanted to continue or not. Ancelotti should have taken his team off the pitch.