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Pepe Reina’s take is shocking. Somewhat disappointed.

Do you have a link?

I often it is best not to actually listen to the sports figures you care about. I am much more disturbed when I hear Gerrard say something that makes no sense than when I laugh at Micah Richards or Shearer

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This has unfortunately been the narrative Spanish football in general have ran with since it first started happening. It has now been a self-reinforcing idea that everytime he reacts to it they treat it as validation that they are right to blame his “volatile” behavior.

Obviously this is serious as it is excusing racism and blaming the victim. But I think a large part of it also comes from the brain dead aspect of punditry in which pundits search for company with their opinions rather than forming any of their own. Once a way to describe something has become familiar pundits will lazily lean on that rather than developing any ideas of their own.


Was VR getting racist abuse last season? Cos, I noticed a change in his attitude on the pitch, which has carried on this season. He used to seem to enjoy the game more. Last season he started complaining, throwing his hands up, appealing everything, before he played a smile on his face.

Very disappointing and the part of the problem. The whole get on with it

What a joke :roll_eyes:

That sends a strong message :roll_eyes:

Joke league.

La liga president came out and said he’d be able to abolish racism in 6 months.

Less than a week and the punishments are being cut down. These cunts just dont care.

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They won’t as long as the best players still want to go Madrid or Barcelona


See Jude, steer well clear

What a dodgy club

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Who is the person in Marcotti’s profile pic.

Yes, there was some talk on twitter of him going to the middle east on some big contract with Real Madrid thinking of picking up Firmino this summer with a view to spending big on a forward next year.

Offer for Salah and MBappe incoming?

sell then Nunez for £75 and cut our losses.

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Is he really THAT much of a problem? 15 goals first season plus learning the language and a new system…