La Liga discussion

if we’re whinging about not being able to afford guys like Caicedo…well I can think up a few ways to generate some cash flow and he’d be surplus to needs in my eyes.

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There are a lot more players like Caicedo than ones who can do what Nunez has the potential of doing


How long does it take to learn to speak and understand basic English if you put your mind to it? three months IMHO …

The answer is 10 games.

Go fuck a duck, :innocent: 10 times …

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Not really same type of striker .

if he played like Suarez, I could get past this. But, I just don’t see the value in him.

My response was tongue in cheek and of course you are correct

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Ah fair enough and you probably are right in the way most transfer rumours fall into the rather plain stupid.

I was looking at Romano’s latest tweets this morning and it’s full of Xavi openly talking about non-Barca players. He had a half an hour interview with Mundo Deportivo (Barca’s whore media channel to leak informations, basically everyone has one in Spain).

Questions and answers openly about: Messi, Carrasco, Neves, Roque, Silva, Zubimendi, Kimmich, Gundogan, Cancelo.

It’s not only Barca, but I hate that about them in modern times. Talking so openly about other team’s players. I understand they’re one of the two world’s biggest clubs and that they can attract almost anyone, even in problematic times off the pitch.

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And I thought the journalists asking Klopp questions were bad.

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Real Madrid confirmed that Marco Asensio and Mariano Diaz will leave on a free.

Asensio at one point was their ‘next big thing’. Injuries have fucked him up a bit but his next club will still have a very good player on their hand.

Could be one for Newcastle.

If he has a prolonged spell of being fit he will actually be a very good signing for a free.

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Hazard leaving too.

Right sided midfield freebie? Ok, why not.

He will sign for Paris.

Yep, he’ll want top dollar wages.

I was thinking he would probably more likely sign for that Saudi league or MLS.

Edit: Talk of him retiring, so as I said the Saudi league.

To be fair it was more a casual podcast kinda deal.

Besides, at least we know now why Félix was bombed out.