La Liga discussion

the penalty decision sort of went against the spirit of the law…

crazy how good this 16 year old barcelona kid is

bellingham just did the big balls sign hahaha

Xavi is staying at Barca

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I think the why is pretty obvious. La Liga has finally sorted out their TV revenue sharing house, setting up the groundwork for a deal similar to the PL. The American footy TV audience skews toward Hispanic, and the two Spanish giants both have large followings there. The current PL contract in the US is worth about $400 million a year, the La Liga contract less than half that.

The growth case is obvious, La Liga wins the CL more often, so head to head record is better. It has at least as many credible contenders for the title every year, with back to back championships being fairly rare, and the two most common winners have massive followings. A couple of games a year in monster stadiums will pay for themselves easily while building profile and audience. Right now, La Liga has the better broadcaster (ESPN/ABC versus the PL’s NBC/Peacock), they just need to increase familiarity. Put a Real Madrid game in Chicago, a Barca game in Miami, and they will make enormous strides.

The PL has had about a 25 year free run without serious competition for international audiences, and now both La Liga and Serie A are getting serious, while the PL has allowed a thinly supported petroclub to cheat their way to dominance. Not too hard to see the opportunity here.


Reports from spain now that Laporte is trying to fire him :joy:

Fucking basket case of a club

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Weird season for big name managers overall. Klopp walking away is pretty tame compared to the Xavi situation and the Tuchel nonsense. It rather feels like there will be a lot of major moves in June with a domino effect.

Sad but true

Funny thing is, what he said that has given great offence is that Barca fans need to understand the club is in a difficult financial situation, and need stability and time. Self-evidently true.

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A nice piece on Norway’s best striker. Why is this in the La Liga thread, because it is not Halaand, but Villareal’s Sorloth

By matchday 36, nobody except Artem Dovbyk at Girona (20 goals, seven assists) had produced more goal contributions in LaLiga this season than Sørloth for Villarreal (19 goals, six assists). Pound for pound, to use the boxing expression, the Norwegian has been by far the best-performing striker in Spain

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The gift that keeps giving.

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I believe TIA had a thread dedicated to schadenfreude

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€125m signing bonus


Only 480k a week, not including his salary and image rights. FSG are so cheap.