Leny Yoro (CB) Lille

See, I did a thing there with opening of the thread and whatnot.


Anyway, this lad was heavily rumoured to be on his way to Real Madrid for months now but they’ve probably decided to play hardball with Lille, meaning that Man United and Liverpool are now thinking that they could have a chance to sign him. Strong shades of Varane’s transfer, when Man United were on the verge of signing him, only for him to move to Real Madrid as a teenager of great potential but almost no experience. He turned out alright, maybe Yoro will, too. After all, if Real Madrid are after a teenage player these days, you could bet your life on him being the real deal.

Meanwhile, Man United, who are said to be having problems with FFP or whatever it is called now, have agreed the terms with Brantwaithe but their journalists would have us believe that they don’t have a pot to piss in because they spent so much money in the previous years. So, either someone’s lying or Man United have resigned themselves to missing out on Yoro because Real Madrid usually get what Real Madrid want.


Seems to be a non-starter.

Not sure why this deserves its own thread above any other random rumour. :thinking:

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If Ornstein is saying we’re interested then it seems pretty reliable.

Of far more concern is the identity of the person who opened the thread… :expressionless:


I cannot emphasize this enough.


When Real Madrid go for young players, they’re usually going to be outstanding, so I’m curious to see how much we build upon our interest in him. If we’re serious, then it would suggest there’s stuff in the data that implies he’s on a trajectory to being elite.

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He wasn’t very good in any case :wink:

It’s that time of the year again.


Would be very surprised if it happened. Madrid have already done all the groundwork, if anything they’ll just tell him to sit tight for another year and give him a huge signing bonus next year when he joins them for free.

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Get this out of your system now Nikola :joy:


It’s the Express, so take it with a large pinch of salt:

Lille have turned down a £42.3m bid from an unnamed Premier League club for 18-year-old French centre-back Leny Yoro, who has been linked with a move to Liverpool and Manchester United but is said to prefer a transfer to Real Madrid . (Express)

Could well be that Man U are the ones who made the bid, searching for a cheaper alternative to Branthwaite.

Still, if the player only wants Real Madrid, and they want him, that’s where he will end up.

He’s played at Lille at 16 and has been consistently promoted to older age groups with the French side. That says a lot when playing for country like France that typically has such a conveyor belt of talent. Rather than looking good on the data, that comes across as the sort of player who shows up at training and the coaches immediately see his talent.

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Nikola strikes again.


The boy really wants to go to Madrid , unfortunately this thread is just a waste of time.


That’s because we already have a 38mil offer accepted

I’m not sure this is dead yet. Lille want €60M and we bid €50M.

I don’t think we would bid unless we knew the player was interested. Or at least somewhat interested, and open to seeing what offers materialize. Yes, Real Madrid are likely his number one choice, but they haven’t done anything yet.

So we are forcing them to pay, and/or showing the player that we want him. If he only has eyes for Real Madrid then that’s what will happen. But I suspect we’ve had at least some encouragement to prompt us to bid.

Real Madrid may be banking on picking him up for free next summer. Lille certainly won’t want that, and we might be getting into the space, showing him our desire and how he fits with an exciting Liverpool side. It will sow doubt as we suggest that Real Madrid don’t really want him that much, as they won’t even bid €50-60M for him now.

Real Madrid want to gobble up all the talent, but there comes a point when they can’t have it all. We might lose out to them here, but I take some comfort from our actions, under Edwards. If we bid, it is for a very good reason.

Either we think we might sign him, or we are turning up the heat on Real Madrid, with Lille’s approval as they want a payday.

This one isn’t dead yet. We’ll see.

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I hardly see why we should be competing with someone who hasn’t bid. 50 million for a kid, how much is Quansah worth.
Sadly, agents just throw in RM to get the price up.

I think we have good relations with his agents (I think they represent a few of ours) and we’ll have been encouraged to show an interest for a player we really like.