LFC Bangladesh Thread

I doubt if there will ever be another Bangladeshi in this forum. Funny, isn’t it? There’s 170 millions of us and a pretty football crazy bunch too.

Frankly, I’m okay with that. The social media platforms are driven by teenagers who have an opinion on everything and knowledge of nothing.

In the other forum I had two countrymen. A fellow red who ultimately disappeared and an expatriate who supported Milan.


Salam from a fellow Bangladeshi Liverpool fan. been a red since 1994 but really started to follow then 1998 ( was old enough to understand). most of my other bangladeshi mates support liverpool or utd. From what i see generally speaking us bangla people really only support liverpool, utd and arsenal.


Welcome to TAN.

How did you find us? Were you at TIA forum too?

been a member of TIA for over 5 years. I couldn’t remember what email and password i used to i just set up a new account. Got to say im not digging this new look, much preferred the old look

what part of Bangladesh you from?


Finally @Iftikhar has some company.



thanks for the welcome

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Have a look through the different skins- I’m sure you’ll find something you like. :+1:

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Its easy to use once you get the hang of it. I prefer this than trying to use the tia app

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Good to see you finally made it over mate, welcome!

I was the same at first, but as COG said, play around with the skins and you will find a layout that you will like - plenty of options to pick.

Stick around mate, it’s going to be an awesome journey.

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There was a genocide

Millions were driven away

We fought back

and won our freedom

Since then, we have tumbled and teetered but we have trudged on.

In remembrance of December 16, our Victory Day.


The genocide in Bangladesh is something glossed over by the history books.

Its actually great to see Bangladesh doing well as a country right now


It could become the backbone of the economy, like RMG is currently, and drive the next phase of growth.

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You might want to count this season out. But yeah on the whole

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