Liverpool Coaching Staff

There is a data guy we brought back wasn’t there a year or so back

Data guy

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Modern day Christie Brown


We‘ll see him back in the PL next season at a mid or lower table club.

This sounds like last summer was already a feeling within the coaching staff that this season could well be the last one.

And the last bit, maybe he’d love to go through the process of proving himself elsewhere, to return here as the main guy.

I personally don’t think he’ll get something of high profile straight away. Last time it was Groningen, in a pretty problematic era for them I think. Maybe something better than that.

De Telegraaf has linked Pep Lijnders with the Ajax job for next season.


I am wondering what is happening about John Achtenberg, Andreas Kornmayer and Mona Nemmer?

I hope they stay and help the next manager out.

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It’s been reported that Achterberg and Kornmayer will still decide what to do. Maybe a possibility they have talks with the new guy(s) and see if they agree to stay or move on. There was nothing on Mona, so who knows.


I dont see any reason why Mona would go as what she does has a significant degree of separation from the coaching. Achtenberg was here before Klopp so you’d think he’ a good candidate to stay. Kornmayer is the biggest question though. He was definitely a Klopp guy and does his role in a way that at least some people think crosses the line into coaching territory so would questionable if the new guy wanted to keep him.

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There can be many reasons whatever happens, staying or going. Professional or life reasons. Kornmayer and Nemmer joined at the same time from Bayern. Ancelotti wasn’t pleased. We’ll find out everything in time.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1775161233731096813|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=


This is largely what Krawietz does now?

Well regarded sounds good; a CV that includes Gibraltar and Huddersfield sounds less exciting. Definitely sounds like Edwards is building his new team…

I note he is from Gibraltar, maybe not a move to improve the CV.