Liverpool vs Ajax | CL Match Day 2 | Tue, 13 Sep, 20:00 | Anfield

Anfield remember the queen and welcome the king, or remember a life well lived, we can all at least agree on that.

Ajax, sold the best defender in the world, sold the best winger in the world, sold the best manager in the world, and two other quality players that went to BD and BM respectively, and then after all that spanked Rangers 4-0, while we got spanked 4-1 by the pizza guys.

Welcome to Anfield, welcome to a backlash of hell. You might of had the butcher of Amsterdam, but now come experience getting your tulips clipped in a humiliating manner. Let’s show them how bad Rangers really are.


Not Joe.

Because Matip’s fit, thats the reason, no need to single him out for last week, there is enough blame to go around. VVD, Robbo and Trent will probably survive the chop.

The midfield needs Thiago. I dont think Arthur will start at this stage, but maybe an extra week of training helped. So Thiago, Fab (definitely beter with Thiago), and probably Harvey.

I don’t know about the forwards, Diaz is easy, a 100% yes, easiest decision after Alisson. Maybe Jota, and a tossup between Mo (never thought I would say this), or someone else.

It’s been a miserable week for many reasons, so here’s to a 4-0 win that takes us to at least 2nd in the group, and puts a smile on the face.


Think Eric Nam GIF by DIVE Studios

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Smash them, they are shiteeeeeeeeeeee!


Due to the unfortunate recent events that led to the suspension of the league, it gives us a breather for us to recover mentally and re-invent ourselves.

Let’s use this chance to show the world we are back. The very least we could do in Anfield is to give a minute’s of silence for the late Queen and probably thereafter, give a loud applause for 96 seconds to celebrate her love for football.

Let’s go back to what everybody is good at! Our FBs bombing down the flanks, Our CMs behaving like CMs occupying the middle of the pitch and covering our FBs and Salah driving in from the right, Diaz driving in from the left with Nunez rampaging the middle.


Now that is how you open a match day thread… 10/10 Nobluff


I noted no training photos as you would usually get but then it’s usually Thursday and it seemed obvious that bad news was coming.

Though if truth be told it’s only useful content to spot the injuries and when the sun is shining.

Maybe it was planned or maybe not. Matip, Tsimkas and Thiago in and Jota up top that’s what I’d change, if we have what we had on Tuesday.

Whole week off should at least aid Thiago, Matip and Jota

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Smash them they’re shit etc.

I’d consider sticking Gomez in at RB and giving Trent a breather. I get the tactical shift has Trent out of position a lot, but the lad looks fucking wiped.


I watch them destroy rangers and I mean destroy. I’m a little worried to be honest our midfield’s mobility is a big concern, if i was Klopp I would put another man in midfield and go 442 but I’m sure Jurgen will play his usual system and prove us all wrong. Definitely Matip in for Joe and Tsimikas for Andy. Up top stick with Darwin, Diaz and Mo.

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She’d be rolling in her grave if she knew this game was going ahead :rage:


Well I kind of hope she wouldn’t be in her grave if she knew :wink:

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It’s hard to judge to be honest both home and away game form and also what a week will do for this “reinvention”, in itself you’ve given three players the ability to continue their fitness without a game impeding it.

That in itself is a bonus as well as a week to drill more fitness into others.

If we are utterly honest not one of Napoli’s goals was not preventable at least three had more than one mistake in them. The second half wasn’t much to write about but it was something to build on as at least we competed though they had switched down a bit.

One thing that was slightly better was the fact that Matip was commanding and controlling the defence, some VVD would do but for whatever reason doesn’t have the energy.

You worry our season relies on Matip and Thiago mind, though I do feel VVD will start to come back into the player he was like last season and Konate also if he stays fit should provide us with decent players back there.

Gomez at right back would probably stay in position and until VVD and him are back to full form it’s one partnership we should look at sparingly. Fingers crossed Thiago isn’t called up as it will help for an extra couple of weeks especially as I think those two are vital in this reinvention.

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Apparently, she liked football and took a liking to Arsenal when she was around. Seeing us beat Chelsea at the Bridge before her funeral will be the best send off to her soul.

Why would a woman that liked watching football be rolling in her grave when the games are played in her memory and we give her one of the best send offs by spanking Chelsea at their home?


Isn’t she due to be buried on following Sunday (or Monday?) - either way she wont be in her grave.

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Well you knew what I meant.

Technically she won’t be going in a grave.

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Erm actually no, playing games of football is highly disrespectful to her memory. She’s looking up at us now just raging.


I’d be hoping that the extra days off will have benefitted our players or at least given Klopp time to regroup.

I like the suggestion of having Matip at CB over Joe. Joe coming off the bench could go at CB or RB or, preferably, neither position needs swapping out.

In front of Fabinho we could have Thiago and Elliott.

I’d like us to start with Bobby and possibly switch to a 4-2-3-1 with Nunez up front as the game progresses.

I think the main thing I want to see is not being constantly caught on the counter which seems to have been our Achilles heel for far too long.

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I see the attraction in having all of our best attackers on the pitch, at the expense of quality (fit) midfielders that we don’t have, but I’m left with the feeling that it’ll leave us more exposed to the counter. Everyone will be in the final third and TAA and Robo will be forced up to support the attack, leaving us open to the counter as before. If it’s not TAA and Robo helping, it’ll have to be Fab and/or Milner, which will push the whole back line up and again leave us open for ball over the top… The problem also with all the attackers is that the creativity is all in one line and easily countered by the opposition simply congesting the attack area - which happens anyway as we’re all in their third.

I hope we can find a balanced team and not one where we’re trying fit square pegs in round holes - which is what playing Fermino/Jota deeper or TAA much further up or Matip/Gomez in midfield and so on does…

Who’d be Klopp?

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But playing cricket is not? :thinking:

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Indeed. Football was invented to occupy the overly energetic plebs whilst cricket is a game that has always existed and practiced by the gentle gentry folk.

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