Liverpool vs Arsenal | PL Matchday 31| Sunday April 9th 16:30

Must win!

Unable to win?

Draw is unacceptable to all.

If we do win, and don’t make top 4 and then those cheats take the PL by 3 pts, I will start a thread called “I’m @#$&ed off”, where I will be abusive to all. I will also hack the site and remove the report post option.

We have score 7 here before without conceding, so there’s that.

I we combine the teams from the past two games then we can find at least 6 players that deserve to start. The rest can be selected by a weighted lottery system based on the years performance.

Diaz injury vs these lot really screwed our season up. MOTM nearly every game he played.

So a delayed Easter Sunday, the resurrection!


We are going to lose this one too and for the first time, I can’t be bothered with it. Rather see Arsenal win this one and win the league than we winning and Cheaty winning the league.

Referee: Paul Tierney (pictured). Assistants: Constantine Hatzidakis, Scott Ledger. Fourth official: Craig Pawson. VAR: Chris Kavanagh. Assistant VAR: Adam Nunn.


Don’t tell me people are actually still forcing it through to themselves the idea of “if we win this it’s on!!”

We’re in April guys, come on. The games by all means tune in and watch, the false expectations? The season has been long gone, let them go.

But Jurgen started it with “we will have to win the remaining 10 games….” and I stopped reading after that.

Not sure about this one. Arsenal are not top of the league without reason and they appear to be ticking along quite nicely. However, we do tend to be far better at home.

Realistically, I want to see some progress from our players. Even though the game in Chelsea was dreadful there were some elements that did look better - even if it was because Chelsea were too shite to take advantage.

This isn’t a “must win” game because that ship has sailed. It’s a “must try” game.


There has to be some type of reaction. They have got to show something, some sign of life. If they continue like this, there will be idiots with goldfish memory that will call for Klopp’s head. I’ve already seen an online poll asking if it’s time for him to leave. Anyone posing the question can get fucked as far as I am concerned and the same goes for any team member that may feel like it’s time to part ways. One bad season doesn’t mean jack shit in the grand scheme of things. The man is part of a holy trinity next to Shankly and Paisley. Anyone questioning his position at the club has got shit for brains.

So to recap, they better show up on Sunday. Win, lose or draw, they better fight.


Right, going to absolutely snot these jokers. We’ll score like darts players, they’ll score like Colonel Sanders at a Vegan conference. We’re at home, we’re Liverpool, they’re shite and a tidlewave of red anger will blow these groaners into oblivion. 6-0 minimum. And can somebody please explain Arteta’s hair perfection?


I would hate it if we beat them in a one off Man U type performance and then reverted to type and by doing so, derailed their title chances.

I want the Gunners to pip City so badly…a loss will damage them far more than us.


Let me give you a hypothetical. We lose this and play shite till the end of the season. Some “fans” will turn on Klopp. If we start badly next season it will be a case of “who’s surprised?” Personally I think it’s absolute bollocks that we’ve been comparatively shit this season because of last season’s exploits. Fergie would laugh his cock off at the concept. We have to finish the season at 100% and leap into next season. Being on the beach now is a recipe for deep shit next season.

I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


As a Liverpool supporter, I want us to win every game we play.

However, I would not be despondent if we were to lose this game.


Hard to see us getting anything from the game if we perform like against City. And even last night, slight improvement, but that was a good point in the end.

Strange things do happen, we’re back at Anfield and it could be rocking as we welcome the likely next champions. We’ve beaten some top teams this season. But terribly inconsistent. And the last two performances weren’t good enough.

I guess Trent, Virgil, Robbo and Salah are back starting for this one. I would hope Thiago can be involved, if not start. Up top, can’t say much other than Bobby and Jota showed some good bits. Nunez is stylistically a good fit to play on transitions against Arsenal, but I didn’t like him last night.

I have a feeling we will win this, I expect we will put in a performance.

We are Jekyll and Hyde and it’s incredibly annoying.

Shame Díaz is not available it seems as it’s all I really care about to see now.

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Hopefully see something different tactically here; Nunez back in the centre, Firmino back in the 10, Trent in the Elliot/Henderson role. Any of them would be nice.

Probably not though, guess we’ll go with the tried and tested combinations that are serving us so well.

0-2 Arsenal.


Don’t care although Arteta is a twat I’d rather see them win the league than shitty. Same team but Mo for Jota, and Millie or Fab or Hendo. Don’t take Darwin off either

I still cannot believe the table and how much we’ve fallen away!

Regardless of whether anyone thinks we still have a chance of top 4, the absolute priority must be turning our form around now in this season rather than next.

Even with all the the gooners who I know who will rub a title in my face, I also would rather they win it than City. But absolutely no way would I sacrifice our chance of gaining some much needed end-of-season form just to see City miss out. They shouldn’t be living rent free in our minds.

Two words: home form.

I do get this. Like wanting to lose to stop United winning the league.

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