Liverpool vs Atalanta: Europa League, QF-first-leg, Thursday, April 11, 20:00 Hrs

This should warm your hearts

Aside from the usual enchantments of an European night at Anfield, this game will be a refreshing break from our players being hacked down and the referee turning a blind eye to those.

Let’s sing, Allez, Allez, Allez :notes:


A decent win with some rotation.

Thats what we need a pick up ahead of Palace. We won’t be back home for a while.


An opportunity to get some minutes for Jota and Trent hopefully, we need them badly right now. Would be tempted to start Ali as well if he’s ready.

Can’t see any three of them starting.

Proper football again.


My heart is warmed. Thank you, @Iftikhar.


This isn’t going to be straightforward, especially if the recent trent of conceding soft goals and missing easy chances continues.

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Well no game will be.

Hoping for a romp in the park!


Our lads will have plenty of chances. They must take them.

The End.


Atalanta are a steaming pile of dog turd… Basically the Italian Utd except they don’t really have that added incentive to play 10000x better against us than they would any other team.

Put out a strong team and let’s go 1 step closer to winning this mother fucking thing.

Kelleher Gomez Konate Virgil Tsimikas Endo Harvey Jones Salah Nunez Gakpo

And if it works, test it vs Palace for the league, and if it works, you are on duty for the remaining 6 games.


Sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Just as well you’re in France. That sort of stuff is illegal here. :rofl:

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Jurgen sure did do the tactics right. Our lot couldn’t hit an open barn door.

This match can’t happen soon enough. I’m sick of everyone slagging off our players after yesterday.


Wouldn’t an open barn door be more difficult to hit than a closed barn door? I wouldn’t know of course, you’re the expert on barn doors.

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I’m sure the saying is just a barn door.

Not sure why they opened it?

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I’ve been sick of this for the longest time. I often think more perspective is needed especially with the tendency to over-romanticise previous seasons. So often in 2019-20 we were simply grinding out wins rather than steamrolling opponents, and we just had enough luck with our finishing.


Make a fair bit of sense if we had stumbled 3-5pts behind with that win.

It’s GD, at least moan about the title being lost when it is lost.

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