Liverpool vs. Leicester: Kangaroo Cup Quarter-finals, 19:45 Wed 22nd December 2021

Since winning this cup in the 2011-12 season, we have managed two semi-finals (2014-15 and 2016-17) and one final (2015-16) appearances. Our record in the last 10 games is LWWWWWWWWD during which we outscored the opponents 25-8. Leicester’s record over the last 10 games is LDDLWWDLLW outscoring their opponents by 18-17. But those postponed games against Spurs and Everton means they had 10 days to rest and prepare.

With three league games between Dec 26 and Jan 2, Klopp will definitely shuffle the pack for this game. Things haven’t made easier by the sudden outbreak of COVID among the squad. Good news is, now that he is suspended for the next league game, Robertson will play. Kelleher should start as well.


Pretty sure robbo is suspended for both Leicester games aa well. Red card will apply to all domestic comps


Robertson is out for 3 matches. I have no clue who is available with us or Leicester, result? Could not care less.

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In that case he will be available against Chelsea :muscle:


Bring on the youngsters and maybe one or two squad players, and let’s enjoy a match without any importance in the midst of the season, without having to fear injury hitting our first team players.

I for one will be livid if Klopp selects any important player for this one. He said himself after the Tottenham game that he hasn’t the players to sustain the insane rhythm of games imposed, especially with those covid cases.

So, that’s the opportunity to protect our first team players, and forget about that ‘Kangaroo’ cup. Who wants to win a trophy with such a ridiculous name anyway?


I can only speak for myself, but I’m naturally excited. One win away from a SF, QF is often that important step towards the side believing this is ours.

We are one of Europe’s best sides and one of the world’s richest clubs, I think that we should be able to compete on different fronts, without necessarily putting our priorities in danger.

I take this trophy as a nice pre-meal into hopefully what’s about to come next in last months of the season. I don’t take trophies (even this “least important” one) for granted because I’ve seen a lot of bad lessons during my time as a Liverpool fan. Let’s not act like we are skint, don’t have any depth, any responsibility or that we are serial winners.

Sure, the moment is delicate for a lot of sides in England right now, so we have to rotate, but hopefully the mix we put out there is well balanced and we can qualify for the next round.


Throw the fucking game. Not interested in the slightest.


Kelleher 180 mins

Neco 277 mins
Gomez 336 mins
Konate 810 mins

Milner 645 mins
Keita 658 mins

Firmino 560 mins
Ox 994 mins
Takumi 435 mins

All these players need minutes to regain/maintain sharpness and they make a pretty good team.


Correction. One win away from two semi-finals, in the midst of a hectic run, with covid tearing through the sport.

We could do without this.

Oh and what’s this? It’s against Leicester, who have been like a club version of 28 days later recently?

Throw. The. Game.


Yeah, the two legged SF is stupid. Having two domestic cup competitions is also stupid. But as long as it’s there, I naturally want us to compete for things. We can field a team that is good enough to win this game, not do a “Villa 2019”.


I’d do exactly that: a ‘Villa 2019’ selection, with a few squad players thrown in who need playing time. And who knows, our young lads are so good that if a few squaddies are added in, it might morph into an ‘Everton 2020’ result! :wink:


It would be so unfair to do a Villa19 when so many of the senior players need game time. We can easily rest Alisson, Trent, Tsimikas, Matip, Mane, Salah, and Jota; and still field a good team.


It’s not just the ability to field a team, it’s the possibility that setting foot on the pitch against another ‘bubble’ is going to result in more infections.

Leicester have had a massive outbreak. I’d seriously be pulling out of this, never mind fielding the reserves.


That could theoretically be done without even playing the game, no?

So you’d forfeit the game? Can that be done without getting a fine or be punished otherwise by the FA?

Considering the reward is £100k I’d be with Mascot and just not turning up.


Pepijn to do the pre match presser in the next hour.



What happens against our league game against them? We forfeit that too?

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I’d ideally like to forfeit the game too but we know we’ll not be doing that.
We need a 2 legged semi-final in January like we need a hole in the head.
I’d normally say give games to a mix of kids and then fringe players.
But big likelihood that a fringe player then returns to first team training and infects more of what’s left of our starting team.

So please only field players that AREN’T training with the first team squad! :pray:

The press conference starts at 12:30? It’s starting at 12