Liverpool vs Napoli| CL Match Day 6| Tue, 1st of Nov, 20:00 | Anfield

Did the Napoli spanking slap us into our current form or was it already here lurking in the shadows?

Konate for Joe, Hendo for Fab, and someone else for Harvey.

Look on the bright side, Napoli haven’t beaten Nottingham Forest or Leeds this year.

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Play the kids


Do you have a cam in my bedroom? Pervert.

I think this might be misinterpreted, meaning I just opened this thread, how did you know!

The shit thing is that a win last night gives Klopp licence to rest heavily and get ready for Southampton, but now there is pressure to put in a performance.


Last nights performance gives Klopp the right to play the kids to give the seniors a rest for Southampton

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It’s going to be the strongest possible side, he can’t afford to screw with the teams fragile mentality. Joe is 1 mistake away from being institutionalized, Fab is not longer Fabulous.

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Kelleher, Ramsey, Phillips, Fabinho, Tsimikas, Jones, Chamberlain, Bajcetic, Carvalho, Kone Doherty, Cannonier.

Ramsay Nat Gomez Tsimikas
Milner Henderson Bajcetic
Elliot Nunez Carvalho

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Could not care less about the result in this one, play the U23 if that is allowed

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Just to clarify - and I know it won’t happen - a win by 4 goals wins us the group - right?


Win by 4 to top the group. That would be nice.

I’m not sure I’d risk Nunez - otherwise that looks good to me.

p.s. I’d play more of the kids but I’m not sure we have any that arn’t already playing/out on loan/broken.

Doni Degen Kryriakos Wisdom Konchesky Poulsen Spearing Adam Borini Jovanovic Voronin

No more than a legends game Imo


Assuming you mean Spurs as we’re playing Southampton the following weekend

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I’m joking and I know Klopp won’t make too many changes.

Hoping for an ‘ok’ performance and especially no injuries.

That said - we are probably going to win but it won’t be enough to win the group.

The unpredictable nature of our results means that is a distinct possibility… lose to NF and LU and beat MC and Napoli.

It seems we can mix it with the best (and worst unfortunately) of them…

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Don’t want to see VVD, Henderson, Fabinho or Firmino anywhere near this. There is simply no need. We are finishing 2nd and if anyone gets injured when there is no need for them to be on the pitch then JK has no right to complain about tight schedules or over-playing anyone.
I know fuck all about Bajcetic but people seem to be raving about him so throw him in. I’d keep Thiago and Nunez in as they haven’t played too much football and Mo seems resistant to fatigue but give the rest the night off.

Alisson - Milner - Konate - Phillips - Tsimikas — Thiago - Jones - Bajcetic — Nunez, Carvalho, Salah.

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I’d argue that they are too valuable to risk but it may be a case of putting out the 11 that can walk rather than any Machiavellian tweaking of the system to beat a team. Also there’s the “we’re so out of sorts that we have to play to get into form” argument.

Sooo it’s a :man_shrugging:

The only one I’d risk is Fabinho because he’s hardly moved yet this season. :grinning:

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Not one legend named