Liverpool vs Real Madrid| CL Round of 16| Tuesday 21st February, 20:00 | Anfield

I had a whole page of doom and gloom notes that I now have to throw out the window (biodegradable) due to the past two games.

Another clean sheet would be awesome, along with the same amount of goals scored in the past two games. I doubt the lineup is going to change from today so I’m if you interested look at today’s lineup. It would be a perfect time for everything to click, and maybe a few RM players to have stinkers (keeper please).

If you want to use the R word, go ahead as long as you talk like this guy…


They got one of the best midfields in Word football that will do us in.

Real will go true to the next round, sorry.

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On the other hand…

Premier League Football GIF by Liverpool FC


As Klopp said…
“It’s Anfield”

Fingers crossed Darwin is fine if not then Jota in for Darwin.

Maybe Keita but other than that the 11 that played tonight, obvious Hendo and Bajectic will start due to the changes and probably Gakpo.


When did they sign Bajcetic?


We’ve lost two CL finals and got kicked out by them in the quarter finals in the last few years.

We’re past this revenge thing.

It’s a round of 16 tie and a chance to save our season.

We were not able to beat them with our best team of the past 30 years or so and now we are playing our worst football since Klopp came in.

My hopes are on 'stranger things happened in football‘ :upside_down_face:

Think Klopps plan was to start Matip for this one and it’s not like Joe has been great but we kept two clean sheets - consistency has to come from somewhere. :sweat_smile:


To be fair it was our best team running on fumes after a four trophy charge season.

Maybe plenty for them to exploit but watching Osasuna here, there is a fair bit we can do to.


This also isn’t a stellar Madrid team, particularly away from home.


Wasn’t talking about the last final alone.

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I’m not going to be stunned if we get a shafting, but I’ll be delighted if we win.

Thing is - never write them off. They’ve been very lucky with at least three of the CL winning seasons they had. Some bad performances and somehow they made it to the final and won.

Another way of looking at it is that their luck has to run out sooner or later.

Hopefully, on Tuesday.


Well the only other time we played them was in the middle of that painful run in that season, the Alisson header season. (Bar 2018 and that was nowhere near our best).

We didn’t have a defense then, the Final last season was the only one in which I would say it was our best side and even that was a returning VVD from injury, Thiago was well pretty much done and everyone was on fumes.

They are in far better shape and should win but you’ve always got to have believe and hope even that looked gone 2 weeks ago.

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I think they will kick us out of the CL.
On the other hand, I have to admit I was no beleaver before the Barca-game at Anfield😊


I‘m already having the feeling that the second leg will go into extra time so who cares about the first leg anyway :joy:

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They are not in the best of form but neither are we, a 2-0 would be very good from this leg.

I’m supposed to be scared of a team that regularly starts Dani Ceballos? Fuck outta here. 4-0.


Maybe we sometimes forget how good we can actually be…
A bit of early pressure, under the lights on a CL night and we could easily go on to score 3 goals…
Maybe RM will get one back but no more…
Ancelotti will be looking over his shoulder looking for a Blueshite hit-man from the moment his plane lands… He might not be himself and it will reflect in his players playing crap…! :0)

Gakpo will do you proud, you secret admirer, you.



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