Liverpool vs Sparta Prague: EL R16, March 14, 20:00

Almost a dead rubber. Salah and Cody should start to get some much needed sharpness and confidence while Bradley and VVD should be rested. YNWA.


All about game management for players returning from injury, basically.

That and more experience for the youngsters.



No need to risk anyone who has been over played. Any news on Konate or is longer term. I’d may even pick Adrian… or is that stretching it too much.

One issue is the back line for us, if we know Konate is not serious and Trent isn’t far off we can probably do Gomez and Quansah but you are risking if you don’t know that.


Seems Konate might make Man Utd so on that basis Gomez and Quansah with Tsimikas and a rotation of Bradley and Robbo in.

Clark again to start in the middle with mins for Dom, maybe McConnell, Maca or Endo to play some mins.

Hope Danns can play.


Kelleher Bradley Quansah Nallo Kostas Endo Mcconell Clark Gakpo Danns Koumas

Give Robbo Szobo, Mo, Nyoni and Gordon all 30-45mins.

Give Virgil Endo and Mac a rest.

Give Gakpo a game , Danns and Koumas can come in to score their European goals as well.

Stick with Kelleher in goal when he’s in this form. He’s getting some luck as well too.

Gomez Quansah in defense. McConnell, Soboszlai & Elliot in midfield. Tsimikas and Bradley the RB , I am a bit concerned that we are overexposing Bradley and wouldn’t mind another academy guy slotting in there for a half though. Clark can get some minutes in as well on either the wing or in midfield.

That said , Gomez needs a rest too.


I’d have Clark in for Elliott. You need one of the older heads alongside the two youngsters whether that be Endo or Dom.

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Adrian; Bradley - Gomez - Quansah - Tsimikas; McConnell - Clarke - Elliott; Koumas - Danns - Gakpo;


Yeah agree with everyone here, short run out for anyone who needs it, rest for anyone who needs it.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


I think you had it right with Gomez at CB. Needs some minutes there, because we might need him.


Agreed - Elliot has played some long hard minutes of late as one of the few healthy first teamers. Absolute yeoman hero type efforts consistently. I think he desperately needs a rest.


1-1 will do!


In a historic first, I find myself agreeing with Flobs. It’s a new and strange feeling, but I’m sure it’ll soon wear off.


Kelleher - Bradley - Quansah - Gomez - Tsimikas

          Clark - Soboszlai - McConnell

     Salah - Gakpo - Koumas

Get Salah, Gomez and Sobo off after an hour.

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If anything I’d look at brining them on later on. Get players who have been out up to speed. We have the cup game against United at the weekend and the break after that so it’s really more about managing gametime for those that need it. I’m expecting to see some of our younger players having a run out to begin with.

The problem with starting with all youngsters is that Sparta then might grab a goal or two against our under-18s and make the tie come alive again.

I would start with experienced players as much as possible, put the tie beyond all doubt, and then introduce the youngsters from half time onwards.

I’d rather go in at HT 7-1 up on aggregate than 5-3.


Yeah, but you don’t want some kind of scenario where we’re two down after half an hour and they have a sniff.
Better to get a couple of goals to put it completely to bed. Then the lads can come on and play with freedom.


Bloody hell Cynical. Great minds etc.


Well, I agreed with Flobs earlier, so it’s probably the latter.