Liverpool vs Tottenham: Sunday, May 5, 16:30 PM

You Will Never Walk Alone


I will be in Berlin for this one so obviously we will win as I will challenge the negativity of Bekloppt’s return to Berlin a few weeks back.

Also we tend to win when I holiday in the Eastern side of Europe.

Croatia had a 100%

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Can’t wait for this 1.

If Bradley and Jota aren’t back then the only change I’d make would be Szobo for Harvey, let’s see how he fares in a front 3.

Actually maybe go Baj in for Endo. Imagine he’ll get more minutes for the u21s tomorrow but you’d think he’s been back long enough now given he returned to playing on 12th April.

Honestly couldn’t give a fuck.

I will be better during the week.

I hope we destroy their hopes of CL football.


Give me a bit of atmosphere and a bit of performance.

Let’s not continue with this horrible ambience in Klopp’s final (home) games with us.


Another draw will help bringing in more new signings in the summer :grimacing:

A draw here guarantees Champions league football next season.


Being driven by spite at this point, so I hope we put a dent in their fight for CL qualification.

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A rare whole week to prepare for this. I think the starting eleven will be those that show most commitment in training, which I guess will be very competitive. We should be able to work a few situations especillay for this match.

Anfield needs to be in full voice. Get back to winning ways.


I still trying to forget the toffees so would like a good performance, win, lose or draw.

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I’m going to put this out there now. Massive VAR/Ref ‘Howler’ at some point during the game in our favour. Everyone gets to say ‘Look - they all even out’ and a line is drawn under all that unpleasantness.

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Only if it doesn’t effect Spurs European ambitions.

Arsenal are thumping them 0-3 at half time, we are at home, therefore we should at least draw.

Darwin to have 4 clear chances, blast over, shoot straight at the keeper, miss completely and hit the post.

Mo to get the ball, try cut in and dispossessed by the defender, ad nauseam. Fluff a few chances, and the. Throw a fit where substituted in injury time.

I would prefer us to punish spurs and give Jurgen good memories for one of his remaining Anfield games. We don’t always get what we wish for.

Don’t know whether you’ve been watching, but isn’t it more like they are ahead 3-0 with 2 shots and Tottenham having most of the ball? Would we have made two shots in at this kind of current form?

Having most possession and being behind by 3 after only 2 shots sounds a bit like us.


Have we become Spursy?

Temporary perhaps.

These could be 10 points behind Villa at KO or only 4 with 2 games in hand. Either way it doesn’t make much difference to us but it would be nice to end their CL hopes completely.
After what happened at their place every one of our players should be aching to get on that pitch and fucking finish them.



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I"m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face: